By: SaSoe

May 16, 2018 10:30 am


3 ways to make SAP agile

Guest Blog by Rick Porter from Revelation Software Concept, a SUSE Connect partner. Many SAP IT teams are looking at their SAP ERP core systems and asking themselves, ‘How do we make these agile?’ It’s a reasonable question. Especially now. Experts blame the lack of institutionalized agile and DevOps processes for holding up IT’s contribution […]

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Terri Schlosser
By: Terri Schlosser

May 14, 2018 5:19 pm


The 3 Secrets to Survival in a World of Change

“If you dislike change, you’re going to dislike irrelevance even more.” Those words of wisdom from retired US Army General Eric Shinseki highlight the stark reality of life for the modern business. Organizations ignore the need to change, adapt and innovate at their peril. Household names like Blockbuster, Toys “R” Us or Kodak might easily […]

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Dirk Oppenkowski
By: Dirk Oppenkowski

February 20, 2018 9:08 pm


SAP Migration: Assessing the Need to Change

Everyone’s talking about digital transformation these days. You’ve likely thought about its implications for your enterprise by now, and well you should—it’s hard to overstate how significantly it’s changing the face of business. But digital transformation isn’t simply about new technology. It’s about how you use that technology to become more competitive. As their way […]

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By: tdig

October 31, 2017 12:48 pm


What’s All This about SAP S/4HANA?

If you’re an SAP customer, you’ve surely heard of SAP S/4HANA by now, and the buzz has probably reached those who are just considering SAP enterprise applications. Whether you’re an SAP customer or not, knowing what’s happening could be vital for your business. First, you have to know a little bit about SAP HANA, SAP’s […]

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By: SaSoe

October 20, 2017 5:01 am


CIO live webinar and discussion: The State of Digital Transformation in Canada

Join us for a webinar and moderated discussion on November 8th at 1:00 pm EST It’s the latest in a series of wake up calls for Canadian enterprise tech. Where do Canada’s largest companies sit on the digital transformation maturity model? Anyone who follows Canadian enterprise tech is probably aware we are a nation of […]

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Michael Tabron
By: Michael Tabron

September 21, 2017 4:40 am


Transform Your SAP Infrastructure for the Digital Economy

Digital assets like customer and operational data have become critical resources for business growth, whether the goal is to increase revenue, improve the customer experience, or to be innovative than the competition. Today’s customers expect instant access to information about products and services across all channels, and they expect personalized interaction. History is littered with […]

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Jeff Reser
By: Jeff Reser

September 13, 2017 11:42 am


Adapting IT for the Digital Transformation: Recommended Sessions for SUSECON 2017

SUSECON 2017 is approximately two weeks away and the pressure is on!  That pressure extends beyond us SUSEketeers ensuring that the event is helpful, to SUSECON goers seeking new solutions to help them adapt to the digital revolution and the new technology that’s driving it.  Customer expectations continue to grow and businesses have to work […]

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Michael Tabron
By: Michael Tabron

June 28, 2017 3:08 pm


Transform Your SAP Infrastructure like a Chameleon: Part 1

It’s a common misconception that a chameleon changes its skin color to match its surroundings as a defense mechanism. Maybe you’ve seen pictures like the one above where the chameleon looks nothing like the objects around it. Actually there are a several different reasons that it changes color. A chameleon regulates its body temperature by […]

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By: SaSoe

May 18, 2017 4:16 am


Last Day at SAPPHIRE NOW – All about Digital Transformation

The digital economy is a very real phenomenon. While it may have started the day the first person connected to the internet, today we’ve reached a critical mass where digital modes of interaction dominate enough spheres of activity – promising only to grow – that businesses choosing to ignore the digital economy do so at […]

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April 3, 2017 6:59 am


Is your datacenter futureproof?

Blame mobile devices. All of them. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers – anything that provides gives you data. As consumers, we are spoiled by personalized instant access to news, weather and sports, answers to random questions, information about products and services, calories we’ve consumed and burned, and constant contact with friends and family. It’s […]

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