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What drives digital transformation in an enterprise?


Guest blog by Shripad Prakash Hegde

Digital transformation within organizations has been a strategic move to uplift businesses in many enterprises. In this era of constant change, transformation can come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a cultural/structural change that could have a larger impact or could be infrastructure expansion transforming business models.

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While transformation is important to organizations, many have not yet completed transformation projects within their company. However, leadership fully supports transformation and has started its projects.  It is a must to maintain a competitive advantage. Those who don’t transform will just continue to lose ground in the market. The types of transformation that organizations are planning vary. The most common transformation planned is implementing new software and solutions in the cloud, followed by the plan to update and redesign business processes. In particular, when an organization looking to implement new software — especially when moving from an existing ERP system to SAP S/4HANA.

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How can you transform your business?

Every organization has different goals and hence the transformation is also different for every organization. Organizations can make the following plans around their transformation  strategies:

  • Select the assistance you require for your most immediate transformational demands.
  • Set the parameters for your transformation’s success.
  • Establish methods for educating teams about transformational processes and ideas

Transformation is a critical path for organizations today.

But not all transformation projects are the same. It often comes with a digital mindset when new software and solutions are implemented in the cloud. The focus on data is a central item in the transformation strategy. Organizations are looking at different tools to help achieve these data-focused results, but having a data repository that can provide a central point of decision-making is a crucial part of making transformation successful

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