It’s a New Dawn for SUSE Manager


Announcing SUMA PAYG for AWS


SUSE Manager (SUMA) has been a part of the SUSE Business for a very long time.  From its humble beginnings in the early 2000’s to its availability as a BYOS (Bring your own subscription) on AWS in 2021.  And there’s no wonder why.  But today we are announcing that AWS customers will soon be able to use SUSE Manager as a PAYG (Pay as you go) solution.

Watch the video with Stacey Miller and Miguel Pérez Colino discussing highlights of SUSE Manager PAYG

The Many Benefits of SUSE Manager 

Before we get into the benefits of why this is so exciting, let’s step back and talk about the key benefits that SUSE Manager brings to Linux customers: 

  • Running multiple Linux distros?  No problem!  SUMA supports more than 16 Linux distros and does it all from a single console.  That means that your admins no longer have to use multiple management tools to ensure that your systems are all properly updated and in compliance.  They can keep them that way with automation – using either Salt states or running Ansible playbooks from the control nodes.
  • Worried about security?  We’ve got you covered!  SUSE Manager provides updates to all your distros, keeping your CVEs to a minimum. You are in control of which ones you choose to use immediately and which ones you should schedule (did you know that SUSE Manager has an internal scheduling tool?).  You can also set up SCAP profiles and use openSCAP to ensure that your systems are in compliance.  Think how happy your CISO will be! 
  • Scalability a concern?  Yep, we can do that too!  Using our Hub architecture, we can scale up your environment to a synthetically tested of 1M endpoints.  As a real-world example, we have one customer with over 90K endpoints in production today.  And we scale down too by supporting our smallest Linux footprint – SLE Micro. 

Additional SUMA PAYG Benefits 

So now that you see that SUSE Manager is really a necessity for every business running a Linux environment, we’ve taken it one step further by soon releasing SUMA as a PAYG option on the AWS Marketplace.  In October, you will be able to get all the benefits of SUMA coupled with these key benefits of being part of the marketplace. 

  • Simplified billing.  If you are already running your business on AWS, you are getting billed through the marketplace. SUMA PAYG provides simplified billing as follows:
    • You will be billed monthly via the AWS Marketplace.
    • Managed Instances will be recorded hourly.
    • The peak usage total is calculated for the month. 
    • There is a monthly usage charge for each instance in the count.

Billing is dynamic and based on the number of instances SUMA is managing.  

  • Scaling On Demand. Need more instances?  With the PAYG version of SUMA, scaling is simple. Simply on-board additional instances to SUMA, this will be reflected in your Marketplace bill.  Need to scale down?  Simply remove an instance of SUMA.  The freedom to choose is yours. 

Coming Soon on AWS 

SUMA PAYG on AWS Marketplace is set to be available in October; look for the official announcement soon.  We look forward to receiving your feedback on this new era for SUMA!   

Watch our video with Stacey Miller and Miguel Pérez Colino on SUSE Manager PAYG on AWS highlights. 


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