RISE with SAP and SUSE: A Formidable Combination


The future of open source is now, and with good reason. More and more organizations, including SAP, are relying on open source software for innovation and operational excellence, and SUSE is the leader in providing enterprise-grade open source solutions. 


SUSE has a particularly deep relationship with SAP and, importantly, we are the leading open source provider for organizations that have adopted SAP Enterprise Cloud Services, which is commonly known as RISE with SAP.


RISE with SAP is a complete offering of ERP software, industry practices, and outcome-driven services that help organizations successfully transform their business processes. All with less risk, and without compromise. It is one of the largest private cloud deployments and the flagship SAP solution with more than 100,000 servers running at scale.


Watch this video from Lalit Patil, Chief Technology Officer of SAP Enterprise Cloud Services to gain insights into RISE with SAP, and how it ensures delivery of important business benefits to its users with scalability and security.


SAP launched RISE with SAP two years ago to deliver the benefits of Business Transformation-As-A-Service. Its success relies on the robust infrastructure behind it, as the underlying platform needs to be equally scalable, secure, and compatible with all the major hyperscalers. SUSE effectively supports the scale at which RISE with SAP runs, including best-in-class security and reference architecture that enables customers to move to the cloud quickly and seamlessly.


Today, more than 6,000 customers have adopted RISE with SAP powered by SUSE. In fact, most of the RISE with SAP infrastructure — over 100,000 servers — runs on SUSE products. SUSE-based reference architecture helps customers transition to the cloud quickly and smoothly, providing exceptional scalability and helping achieve Zero Trust security.


SAP and SUSE are a formidable combination. Whether you’re well along your digital transformation journey or just getting started, SUSE will help ensure your experience is smooth and trouble-free.

Learn more about RISE with SAP and the SAP and SUSE partnership.

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Patricia Buchholz Global SAP Alliance Marketing Manager