By: Sabine Soellheim

May 16, 2023 4:23 pm


Innovation in uncertain times. Join SUSE at SAP Sapphire Barcelona Spain, May 24-25, 2023

Organizations today are facing a myriad of challenges. An uncertain macroeconomic climate, rising capital costs, the continued increase in global cybersecurity threats, supply chain issues, and skill shortages all impact their ability to innovate. For over 20 years, SAP and SUSE have delivered innovative business-critical solutions on open-source platforms, enabling organizations to improve operations, increase […]

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By: Sebastian Martinez

May 10, 2023 1:12 pm


Solving the patching paradox challenge: How important is it to enforce a security policy in a SAP environment

A secure SAP platform can't be understood without a patched and updated SAP environment. Vulnerabilities pose a significant risk to an organization's operations, and patching is crucial to maintain system security and stability, so patching and updating software is always a top priority. However, the reality of patching complex systems like SAP differs from patching […]

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By: Sherry Yu

May 9, 2023 3:09 pm


Safeguard Your SAP Landscape on Google Cloud Platform

Undertaking the cloud migration of SAP S/4HANA can be difficult and face various challenges: both planned and unplanned downtime can stall business continuity and result in significant loss, and very often, a major outage is the result of accumulated minor issues that could have been identified and remediated in early stage. Enhanced security is needed […]

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By: Ronda Clayborne

April 26, 2023 10:46 pm


Are you meeting SUSE and Microsoft at SAPPHIRE Orlando

For over 20 years. SUSE and Microsoft have collaborated on innovative solutions that have enabled organizations to improve operations and increase efficiency, saving both time and money.Both SUSE and Microsoft will be at SAPPHIRE Orlando 2023 delivering not-to miss sessions that will highlight the importance of transforming your business by migrating to SAP S/4 […]

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By: Sabine Soellheim

April 20, 2023 10:41 am


Cloud. Security. Automation. Join SUSE at SAP Sapphire Orlando, May 16–17, 2023

For over 20 years, SAP and SUSE have delivered innovative business-critical solutions on open-source platforms, enabling organizations to improve operations, anticipate requirements, and become industry leaders. Today, the vast majority of SAP customers run their SAP and SAP S/4HANA environments on SUSE. Meet the SUSE team. SUSE is a Platinum Plus sponsor. Take advantage of […]

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By: Juan Herrera Utande

March 20, 2023 4:13 pm


Secure SAP Side-by-Side Extensibility with SUSE, Rancher Prime and NeuVector

Introduction to Secure SAP Side-by-Side extension Keeping up with SAP platform updates and custom ABAP code can be challenging for companies. To overcome this, many customers and even SAP itself opt for a well-known approach called Side-by-Side for SAP functional extension. This approach keeps SAP's own modules as standard as possible while placing outside customizations, […]

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By: Juan Herrera Utande

March 10, 2023 8:16 pm


Meet SUSE at SAPinsider Las Vegas 2023

SAPinsider is the largest and fastest-growing global community of SAP end-users. The SAPinsider Las Vegas 2023 event is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest news, insights, and education on how to implement SAP with confidence. From March 20th to 23rd, the community will gather for the SAP user event of the year. As […]

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By: Juan Herrera Utande

February 16, 2023 7:55 am


How to protect your SAP applications from Ransomware attacks

Introduction Why should I enable malware scanning in SAP applications? How does the SAP antivirus stack work? Installation and configuration Conclusion Introduction Ransomware is a well-known threat to your IT and business continuity that needs to be evaluated from many angles. We recommend you go through this series of blog posts from my colleague Raú[…]

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By: Sebastian Martinez

February 13, 2023 3:59 pm


Why the public cloud is the ideal platform for your SAP S/4HANA environment

Digital transformation of organizations around the world continues to accelerate as they seek to enhance customer experiences through digital products and services. Research firm IDC forecasts digital transformation spending alone will reach US$3.4 trillion by 2026. As part of their digital transformation, organizations are increasingly moving enterprise applications and platforms, including SAP S/4HANA, to […]

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