SLES15 SP4 KVM Hypervisor Validated for SAP HANA | SUSE

Successful SAP Validation for Running HANA on SLES15 SP4 KVM Hypervisor with Intel Cascade Lake CPUs



As the newest member of the SUSE Product Management Team for SAP Solutions, I am delighted to announce that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP4 is now validated for running SAP HANA on KVM hypervisor on Intel Cascade Lake CPUs. 

Customers can now run SAP HANA on SUSE KVM hypervisor with SLES15 SP4 as follows:  

  • SAP HANA certified 2 and 4-socket Intel Cascade Lake processor-based configurations in scale-up configurations 
  • Multiple VMs spanning 1, 2 or 4 sockets 
  • Up to 6 TB of memory  
  • OLAP workloads: Class L (up tp 3 TB) or Class M (up to 6 TB) 
  • NFS, Fibre-Channel Storage, or Direct-Attached / Local Storage 

 A big thank you and well done to everybody involved in the validation efforts. The great teamwork and collaboration between the SUSE SAP Solutions Team and our partner Fujitsu allowed us to achieve this complex validation in record time. 

 What’s Next?

Full details are available in the SAP HANA Supported Operating Systems SAP Note 3366235  (SAP access required).

A SUSE Best Practices Guide will be published at our SUSE Best Practices: SAP Applications page.

Keep posted for information about future updates, releases and achievements!  

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