SUSE Liberty Linux
The best alternative for providing RHEL/CentOS enterprise support.

Enjoy proven enterprise support from a partner who understands Linux.  

Keep your current operating system with SUSE Liberty Linux. Get predictable releases and support RHEL/CentOS. End of life doesn’t mean end of the road.  

Expand your IT lifecycle, without migrations. Embrace an open Linux with no restrictions. With SUSE, choice happens. 

Why SUSE Liberty Linux

Liberate your Linux and take control of your future. Break free from vendor lock-in with a partner who believes open source should remain open.  

Why SUSE Liberty Linux
Your Linux, uninterrupted

Stability matters. Keep the Linux you need for your business. Get uninterrupted support and security patches for CentOS and RHEL. Zero migration needed.

Our Linux expertise runs deep

Get comprehensive Linux enterprise support for a wide variety of Linux distributions, all from one source. Any enterprise Linux, any version. SUSE provides full support without the need for migration. This approach reduces complexity and cost without requiring changes to existing Linux platforms. 

Future-proof your Linux

Protect your investments by partnering with a vendor who will support your choices. Remove the uncertainty of rising costs and vendor lock-in. Continue to get maintenance and support to ensure your Linux security.

SUSE Liberty Linux solution offerings

With SUSE, choice happens. Choose to maintain your current infrastructure with vendor choice or to modernize with an ecosystem committed to preserving choice.

Maintain Modernize
SUSE Liberty Lite $ 67 per year / unit 3-year commitment required with payment upfront Volume discounts available on request
SUSE Liberty Basic$ 167 per year / unit 3-year commitment required with payment upfront Volume discounts available on request
SUSE Liberty
pricing on request
SUSE Liberty
pricing on request
      SUSE Linux Enterprise
  SUSE Manager SUSE Manager SUSE Manager
SUSE Liberty Linux SUSE Liberty Linux SUSE Liberty Linux SUSE Liberty Linux
Longlife updates for CentOS* Longlife updates for CentOS* Longlife updates for Enterprise Linux Longlife updates for Enterprise Linux

* Longlife updates for CentOS:

- CentOS 7 until 30th June, 2028

- CentOS 9 to be determined closer to End of Life

- Proactive security updates for CVSS 7+ (base system)

lot polish airlines
Marek Truszkowski IT Systems Administrator LOT Polish Airlines

“Our initial migration from Red Hat Enterprise Support to SUSE Liberty Linux produced 50% savings in subscription costs.”

Top 4 Capabilities

Open source is synonymous with choice and choice with freedom. Don’t get locked into uncertainty. Experience an enterprise Linux alternative that is backed by the leader in open source.

Run workloads where they run best

You know what enterprise Linux is best for your workloads. With SUSE Liberty Linux, you don’t have to choose. Use the enterprise Linux you want.

Deep open source roots

SUSE has more than 30 years in open source, with robust support, technology and engineering expertise. We provide proactive updates, transparent roadmaps and predictable lifecycles.

Limitless Linux innovation

It’s your Linux journey; go confidently in the direction your company demands. Experience the freedom to explore new roads knowing you have a trusted partner.

No migration needed; complete compatibility

As an enterprise Linux alternative, choosing SUSE Liberty Linux is as easy as keeping your phone number and switching carriers. Your Linux continues to run seamlessly, and you get the benefit of world-class support.

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