We’re the Open
Open Source Company
Open Source is in our genes. Open to us means more than shared source code. It’s a philosophy and approach that informs everything we do. It’s how we develop software, how we work with partners and customers, and how we engage with communities. Most of all, it’s about keeping our minds open to new ideas.

Grab your harmonicas and guitars!

Are you quite the wordsmith? Love everything music? Fan of the SUSE band? Here’s your chance to make all of those things work in your favor. Starting today through January 4, 2019, SUSE will be running a parody contest for the SUSECON 2019 feature song and video.

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The Many Faces of SUSE Global Services: An Interview with Zeina Klink

In this installment of our Many Faces of SUSE Global Services blog series, we travel to France for a…

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Keep It Simple with SUSE Manager

Enterprise networks grow organically. New servers come online as needs change and budgets expand. So…

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We’re Dell Official, Y’all!

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 is a major milestone for SUSE, our 1st major OS release in 5 years. With th…

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