There are lots of options when it comes to running workloads in the cloud. And Linux is Linux… right? Consider this—the loss of a mission critical application or service due to downtime is just as expensive to your business whether your applications are running in the cloud or in your data center. You are moving workloads to the cloud to increase agility and decrease capital expenditures, not to sacrifice on security, reliability and performance. With the availability of enterprise Linux solutions from SUSE you can achieve both.

Start today and access SUSE solutions in the public cloud by paying only for what you use, or move your SUSE subscriptions to select SUSE Certified Public Cloud Service Providers.


Taking advantage of the public cloud lets you increase business agility, while turning capital expense to operational expense. Whether migrating existing workloads or developing and deploying new applications, SUSE eases your transition to the public cloud. SUSE ensures you receive the same enterprise Linux experience in the public cloud as thousands of businesses enjoy in the data center every day.

SUSE partners with Cloud Service Providers around the world to provide you with on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform of products. Running your workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise in a SUSE Certified Public Cloud ensures that you maintain the performance and reliability of your operating environment, stay up-to-date with the latest security patches, feature enhancements and bug fixes and receive support options that are streamlined for your needs and backed by SUSE’s global support services. And keeping your cloud workloads up to date through your Cloud Service Provider’s maintenance infrastructure also saves on pesky bandwidth charges.

So, get the same performance and robustness you rely on in your data center in the cloud, on demand, at pennies per hour. Why would you settle for anything less?

Pick a SUSE Cloud Service Provider now.

Bring Your Own Subscription

If you are already a SUSE customer and you are moving to the cloud, you can easily migrate your existing subscriptions to select SUSE Certified Public Cloud Service Providers. The SUSE Bring Your Own Subscription program allows you to transfer the benefits of your current subscription, including your level of SUSE support, to your workloads running in a public cloud. Confidently extend your data center to the public cloud and ensure the same level of SUSE service across all of your infrastructures—data center, private, or public cloud—while ramping up innovation and lowering costs.

Apply now to bring your own subscription to a select SUSE Cloud Service Provider

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Bring Your Own Subscription FAQ

Build and Manage Your Cloud Applications

With SUSE Studio™ and SUSE Manager you can rapidly create, easily deploy, and smoothly manage applications running in the public cloud.

SUSE Studio, our online tool for building and testing software applications, let’s you build cloud-ready application images or appliances with ease. You can even deploy your application with one click directly from SUSE Studio to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure.

SUSE Manager automates Linux server management, allowing you to provision, patch, and monitor your servers faster and more accurately. With SUSE Manager, you comprehensively manage your Linux servers across physical, virtual and cloud environments, including your SUSE OpenStack Cloud-based private cloud and public clouds like Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. Have centralized control over all of your organization’s Linux workloads no matter where they run.

Run Your Mission-Critical SAP Applications on SUSE

Manage your entire business—HR, finance, CRM and procurement—in the cloud with SAP on SUSE. When accessing or migrating SAP solutions to the public cloud, run them on SUSE Linux Enterprise the leading platform for SAP solutions including SAP HANA.

In addition, SAP and SUSE have collaborated to optimize SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the standard image for the pre-configured SAP solutions, including SAP HANA, in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The integration of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the SAP Cloud Appliance Library offers a seamless, automated installation process that reduces deployment time and speeds time to value for SAP systems. By working with SUSE, SAP provides an operating system platform that is always up to date and delivers the expected reliability, scalability and security of your mission-critical SAP deployments.

Case Study: Consol Glass

Case Study: Strata Retail and Technology Services

Find Your SUSE Public Cloud Service Provider

SUSE works with cloud service providers around the world to ensure that you have access to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in the public cloud of your choice. SUSE Certified Public Clouds run SUSE maintained images and maintenance infrastructure to ensure the reliability and security of SUSE products. Bring Your Own Subscription is available only on select SUSE Certified Public Clouds.

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