Driving costs down and efficiency up are just two ways that interoperability moves your business forward

SUSE + Microsoft
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Getting multiple server platforms to inter-operate efficiently has traditionally been a challenge for IT professionals, adding significant cost and complexity to their IT environments. For this reason, Microsoft and SUSE have worked together in a close partnership since 2006 to build a bridge between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Microsoft Windows Server. Since then, the alliance's unique interoperability solutions have helped many customers around the world consolidate, simplify and better manage their mixed IT environments, while implementing strategies for moving forward into the cloud.

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As proven industry leaders, SUSE and Microsoft bring years of experience and unparalleled expertise to every initiative. And now we're working together to help you achieve your business goals. But this partnership isn't about generating positive press, it's about creating real solutions that will have a positive impact on the way you do business.

Joint Solutions

From reducing costs and freeing your IT staff to handle other tasks, to increasing productivity and simplifying secure data transfer and management, our solutions can help streamline your business operations—no matter what they are.