Getting Started with SUSE on Microsoft Azure

Learn how easy it is to try SUSE on Microsoft Azure and get started today!

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Test Drive Azure for HPC Workloads in Minutes

Experience the OS tuned for supercomputing on the highly performant Azure cloud infrastructure.

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SQL Server on Linux

Take advantage of an industry-leading, secure, and high-performing database—now on SUSE Linux!

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Achieving High Availability on Microsoft Azure

SUSE and Microsoft strive towards providing scalable and highly available compute and services for the enterprise.

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SUSE and Microsoft Strategic Alliance

SUSE and Microsoft‘s partnership spans over a decade, with 1000+ shared customers and enterprises that benefit from a focus on interoperability, innovation, and high-performance solutions.

  • SUSE provides seamless integration of open source software with Microsoft Azure services for customers that maintain build and mission-critical applications on the cloud.
  • Customers gain greater choice and flexibility required for hybrid cloud environments—with certified workloads, unified system management, 24x7 Linux support from SUSE, plus support for enterprise applications from Microsoft and SUSE.
  • Getting started with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure is easy with on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing. Growing with us is even easier with support for your existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements.

Together, with Microsoft and SUSE you can take your enterprise applications to the cloud knowing you’re in good hands.

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Cloud Solutions

SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

When working with Microsoft Azure as your cloud platform empowering your digital transformation—you are running on the infrastructure that 57% of the Fortune 500 trust, and that’s certified to run mission-critical SAP workloads.

SUSE and Microsoft are working together to provide a frictionless path to adopting SAP HANA and public cloud that is backed by best-in-class support and high-availability.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation journey by leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP on Microsoft’s certified and high-performing purpose-built cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA.

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High-Performance Cloud Computing

Reduce the burden of designing, procuring, integrating, and validating a production-ready HPC stack with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC on Azure. Combining Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure built for compute and network intensive applications and the leading Linux operating system for HPC—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server—you’ll be able to run workloads with the reliability, security, and high scalability you need on-demand.

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Mission-Critical on the Cloud

If you want an enterprise-level Linux distribution in a public cloud, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure is the perfect solution—backed with best-in-class support.

Microsoft is committed to ensuring Azure is the best hyper-scale, enterprise-grade, platform for public cloud. SUSE delivers enterprise-quality resiliency, security, and manageability across a variety of open source solutions.

The decade of engineering collaboration and a focus on interoperability between Microsoft and SUSE means that you can be confident in the support and reliability to run production, enterprise applications built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure.

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Cloud & Systems Management

SUSE Manager is a best-in-class infrastructure and systems management solutions to ensure compliance, adhere to security policies, while optimizing operations with automation wherever possible. Learn More

The Open Build Service (OBS) is a free online service that makes it easy to build and distribute binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. The Open Build Service makes it fast and easy to build, test, and deploy application stacks, virtual appliances, and custom SUSE Linux Enterprise Server builds on Microsoft Azure. Learn more

KIWI is a command-line tool and imaging suite used to prepare, create, and deploy OS images. In conjunction with Open Build Service and PackageHub, you can take advantage of an ever-growing selection of code and packages to use for your SUSE environment on public cloud. Learn More

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