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Competition is relentless, driving the need to improve efficiency across your business. SUSE and Google provide a scalable, flexible and secure foundation for your mission-critical enterprise applications, like SAP S/4 HANA, and for your DevOps teams to deliver the apps you need when you need them.

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How Google and SUSE Work Together

Mission-critical cloud

Deploy mission-critical applications around the globe using Google Cloud Platform and SUSE open source solutions. Applications are secure from kernel to cloud with SUSE, the #1 OS for SAP, and with the world’s largest private network from Google.


Combine the expertise of the company that created Kubernetes, Google, with that of the largest independent open source software company, SUSE, and you get an agile, streamlined application delivery platform to launch your DevOps business model.

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“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications includes a clustering solution within a single subscription, making it easier to manage and more cost-effective than other Linux distributions for SAP.”

Google and SUSE Solutions

Google Cloud Platform and SAP

Few applications are as mission critical for organizations as those from SAP. By embracing the cloud, SAP has made it easier for organizations to use those applications to do more with less, impress customers and empower employees. With SUSE and Google, you can maintain the high performance and availability that SAP applications require, while getting the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

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Committed Use Discounts – exclusive to SUSE SAP solutions on GCP

Take advantage of one and three year pricing on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications and maximize customer savings with no up-front costs - CAPEX savings with an OpEX payments and convenience!

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