Looking for a CentOS Alternative? The Choice is Clear with SUSE


CentOS Alternative With June 30, 2024 rapidly approaching, many companies are still looking for a CentOS alternative – especially if they are using it in production.  Risky migrations and costly upgrades are not necessarily a good option as they take time, effort, and testing.

But what if June 30 was just another day in your data center?  What if you could stay on CentOS 7/RHEL 7 and still get the security patches and maintenance updates you need to keep your systems secure?  

Sound too good to be true?  With SUSE, it’s not. 

SUSE Liberty Linux:  The Best Alternative to CentOS

SUSE Liberty Linux is the best alternative to CentOS.  Why?  Because with Liberty Linux there is no migration or upgrade required.  You simply change the software channels to the SUSE Customer Center and you will continue to get security patches and updates from SUSE – keeping your CentOS system running safely.  

SUSE Liberty Linux is perfect for businesses who cannot afford the time and risk of a migration or upgrade.  Backed by SUSE’s 30-plus years of open source expertise, SUSE Liberty Linux offers enterprises an alternative to CentOS – making June 30 just another day in your data center.

Why SUSE as an Alternative?

SUSE has been supporting CentOS and RHEL since CentOS 5 – over twenty years.  Why?  Because SUSE believes that you should choose the Linux distribution that is best for your environment.

As one of  pioneers in the enterprise Linux industry, SUSE brings over three decades of experience and innovation to the table. This long-standing history is not just a testament to its resilience but also to its ability to adapt and evolve in a dynamic technological landscape. For CentOS users, this experience translates to a trusted, well-established platform that understands the nuances of enterprise Linux needs.

SUSE provides you with 24x7x365, follow-the-sun technical support services plus optional consulting services that provide a frictionless transition to Liberty Linux – from performing health checks and  setting you up with the SUSE Customer Center through implementation and testing of SUSE Manager. These  fixed-cost offerings are provided to address every size business, including:

  • Onboard – ensure a seamless transition to the proper channels to get your Liberty updates. Validation and health of your current infrastructure.
  • Automate – onboard and validation of Liberty repositories. Implementation of proper SUSE Manager configuration of your business.
  • Automate Plus – flexible service that includes onboard and validation of Liberty repositories, implementation of proper SUSE Manager configuration for your business, and advanced automation and monitoring to maintain security and compliance.

SUSE’s deep understanding of enterprise environments, gained through years of development and refinement, makes SUSE Liberty Linux the best alternative to CentOS – requiring zero migration and zero upgrade – just 100% open source support for your entire Linux infrastructure.

Make the Right Choice with SUSE Liberty Linux

SUSE Liberty Linux is the best alternative for end of life CentOS/RHEL. With SUSE Liberty Linux, you receive fully application binary compatible security patches and maintenance updates for your entire Linux estate. This keeps your infrastructure up-to-date and secure, ensuring high availability, resilient storage, and bullet-proof load balancing. SUSE Liberty Linux removes uncertainty and secures your Linux future. With SUSE Liberty Linux, you get enterprise support and predictable releases for your multi-distro world from a trusted partner who understands Linux and the value of open source. Moreover, you get access to world-class, follow-the-sun technical support for your multi-distro environment. 

SUSE  provides a means of achieving freedom from constraints. SUSE gives priority to reliability, stability, and performance, which enables organizations to confidently navigate the intricacies of the modern IT environment. With SUSE, Choice Happens.

Learn more at https://www.suse.com/products/suse-liberty-linux/.


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