SAP Edge Integration Cell: Connect On-Premises Applications and Data with the Cloud


SAP customers are increasingly shifting applications to the cloud to take advantage of its superior scalability, flexibility and cost savings. But not every application can run seamlessly and securely in the cloud. Some contain sensitive data such as social security numbers, medical records or payroll data that organizations need to keep on-premises for security reasons. Others have latency issues, preventing them from being completely cloud-native. And some applications are prevented from running completely in the cloud because of jurisdictional laws and regulations relating to the data.

But just because you can’t run all your SAP applications in the cloud doesn’t mean you have to avoid the cloud completely. The SAP Integration Suite enables you to integrate applications, processes and data across and beyond your organization, including those that require both cloud and on-premises landscapes.

Run mission-critical SAP solutions across on-premise and cloud environments

An important component of the suite is SAP Edge Integration Cell, a hybrid integration runtime that connects your on-premises applications and data with the cloud, all within the secure confines of your data center. The solution safeguards confidential data by avoiding direct connections between your cloud and on-premises data and processes.

With SAP Edge Integration Cell, you can run applications where data is sensitive or mission-critical, ensuring the data is managed and controlled inside the enterprise’s firewall. It also enables you to design and monitor integration content in the cloud, but deploy and run scenarios exclusively in your private landscapes. Edge Integration Cell delivers some other important benefits:

  • ‘Hybrid’ deployment at the speed of cloud
  • Governance and lifecycle based on customer needs
  • Incorporates APIs, events, and integrations
  • Boosts performance by reducing network latency

SAP Edge Integration Cell is designed to operate in a Kubernetes-based container environment. Kubernetes offers a powerful platform for handling containerized applications on a large scale. It enhances scalability, ensures high availability, optimizes resource use, and has self-healing features.

SUSE unlocks the benefits of Edge Integration Cell

Edge Integration Cell requires a robust, enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution to run your mission-critical components, and most don’t fit the bill. That’s why SAP chose SUSE’s Rancher Kubernetes as the first platform to run Edge Integration Cell.

SUSE’s Rancher solution gives you the tools and support to deploy, manage, and secure your SAP environment, and gain the benefits of Edge Integration Cell. You’ll ensure business continuity, conform to industry standards and best practices, and meet all the SLAs required for your SAP operations.

SUSE is synonymous with SAP excellence. For over two decades, we have been a trusted open-source platform for SAP customers seeking to drive innovation and improve operational efficiency. Our SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications has supported SAP HANA for years. And now our Rancher Kubernetes platform enables organizations to connect SAP cloud and on-premises data through SAP Edge Integration Cell, with the same level of enterprise resiliency and support you’ve come to expect from us.

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