Synergy Unleashed: the Dynamic Collaboration of SUSE and Krumware in Platform Engineering



Colin Griffin, Founder and CEO at Krumware


The cloud-native landscape has forever changed the way organizations develop, implement, and manage software systems. Now, more than ever, organizations have the flexibility to control their own clouds, but with great freedom comes great responsibility and complexity. 

Krumware has been developing cloud-native technologies and applications alongside the evolution of containers and Kubernetes, since 2016. With practices developed through first-hand experience, Krumware provides hands-on application and platform engineering support to help organizations fill critical gaps in cloud-native software development and management.

The SUSE-Krumware strategic partnership leverages deep software development expertise from Krumware and unmatched infrastructure expertise from SUSE to develop well-integrated and tested platform patterns and tools that meet the needs of many types of users, dramatically improving speed to market, team interaction, and cloud platform maturity.

Together Krumware and SUSE provide complete support for organizations seeking to provide their people with robust self-service platforms, tools, and capabilities that will help them thrive. We’re excited to introduce comprehensive platform solutions and support for Operators, Developers, AI/ML, data commons, and other critical IT business needs.



Customer Challenges 

Platform Engineering is hard. It presents a significant implementation journey for organizations, because there is extensive work required to build the services and tools that the developers and business require, and not just the platform foundations. IT organizations are finding this out the hard way as they are tasked to provide self-service capabilities to developers, data, ops, AI/ML teams, DevOps, and beyond, both internal or external.

The difficult reality is that Platform Engineering requires a combination of skillsets that extend beyond the capabilities of many infrastructure teams, such as application development and product management.  From the perspective of the users, platform needs are highly contextual; they vary team-by-team and oftentimes project-by-project. This need has driven the formation of platform engineering teams, but many organizations are not yet equipped.

According to Gartner (Gartner, 2023), “by 2026, 80% of large software engineering organizations will establish platform engineering teams as internal providers of reusable services, components and tools for application delivery. Platform engineering will ultimately solve the central problem of cooperation between software developers and operators.


How this solution addresses the challenges

Krumware is a unique technical partner that actively uses SUSE’s Prime solutions in practice. Krumware themselves operate as cross-functional development and platform teams, and establish integrations, practices, and golden paths for the benefit of their teams and partners.

A well-architected platform is open and extensible and provides the right tools at the right time to the right people. With this approach, SUSE Rancher Prime is the ideal core cloud platform of choice for platform teams and the most important piece of the platform puzzle. Krumware layers on complementary tools and patterns to provide Platform Stacks, which deliver turnkey solutions for common scenarios such as internal developer platforms. 

For Day 2, SUSE provides unmatched product support and Krumware provides hands-on software development and platform engineering support, to fill skill gaps and not only help run the cloud, but help teams work together while taking full advantage of the cloud.

Don’t waste time planning for tomorrow, start today. With SUSE Prime Solutions and Krumware, shortcut your cloud maturity and platform team formation to give your teams and business a permanent edge.

SUSE and Krumware are excited to help organizations build better software and meet the IT needs of their people, together.


Next steps:

Do you need help with:

  • Bespoke tools and applications, and application delivery
  • Platform engineering and integration
  • Cloud platform strategy and modernization

Contact SUSE and Krumware to get started with bundled support


SUSE One Partner Program, Innovate specialization

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Enroll in our Innovate specialization and work with us to ensure the compatibility of software and hardware built on or with SUSE offerings, and make your customers secure that your solutions have been validated for functionality, performance, and reliability.



Colin Griffin is Founder and CEO at Krumware.

He is a practicing software engineer, specializing in cloud-native application and infrastructure development; with an emphasis on developer enablement and platform engineering and is a Co-Lead of the CNCF Platforms Working Group. He founded Krumware with the goal of enabling companies to build better environments for their developers, Krumware helps organizations build better software.


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