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A Syllabus to SUSE CaaS Platform at SUSECON


NASHVILLE, BABY!!! That’s right, I’m hitting my old college stomping grounds for SUSECON!!

Returning to Nashville brings me memories of housing Ben and Jerry’s Stephen Colbert Americone Dream from the Piggly Wiggly after learning that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were traded away from the Celtics, finding the single Dunkin’ Donuts in Nashville and moving into the apartment building next to it, blasting Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt out of my dorm room windows, and paying more attention to the girl who sat next to me in ECON 2 than my professor (Sorry, Dr. C…)

Ah man. Those were the days…

Anyway, SUSECON! I’m the PMM for SUSE CaaS Platform! That’s what I’m here to write about!

Just like college, there’s a bunch of cool and noteworthy shenanigans going on at SUSECON this year. Before I started day dreaming I wanted to sit down to write about some of things that I see as interesting this year, but there are so many interesting sessions on SUSE CaaS Platform that I can’t possibly write about all of them. To this end, I’ve put together a syllabus of sorts (Kinda like the one I didn’t pay attention to in ECON 2…) for installing, learning about, and running SUSE CaaS Platform:

101: Chris’ Crash Course in SUSE CaaS Platform

This is a chance for you to get down and dirty with SUSE CaaS Platform without having to worry about making a wrong turn along the way. We focus on providing a best in class operator experience, and I hope that really shines though in this lab.

It might be interesting to follow up on the SUSE CaaS Platform hands on lab with Best Practices in Deploying SUSE CaaS Platform. In this session, SUSE Consultants will go over some best practices that they see in deploying SUSE CaaS Platform in a variety of environments.

Ok, you’ve installed SUSE CaaS Platform. Now what? If you’d like to continue on with our current theme, this session might be the next one on your list. This session will guide you through the top four Day 2+ operations for your new SUSE CaaS Platform cluster: Active Directory/LDAP Integration, Upgrades and Updates, Monitoring and Logging, and Disaster Recovery.

Now that you’ve gotten your SUSE CaaS Platform up and running, you might want to investigate SUSE Cloud Application Platform. SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Cloud Application Platform are two interesting pieces of technology that can complement each other. Of course, SUSE is the Open Open Company, so there’s nothing that says you have to use the two together, but you might want to at least be aware of the two technologies if you use one. This looks to be an interesting session that will compare and contrast the two technologies to give you a better understanding of which one (or both) best fits your use case.

Now that you’re set with SUSE CaaS Platform and have learned about SUSE Cloud Application Platform, check out our roadmap session with SUSE CaaS Platform’s resident Product Managers to learn about what might be coming down the pike. I think you’re going to like what you hear 😉

So there’s a suggested syllabus for a crash course in SUSE CaaS Platform at SUSECON this year. Pay attention to it and remember, all of your work must be stapled and in Ariel 10 point font if you want full credit.

Have a great SUSECON, and don’t forget to swing by the SUSE CaaS Platform booth!


… Seriously though, Reasonable Doubt is still an absolute banger of an album.

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