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IDG study “Cloud Native 2022”: Where do European companies stand in their digital transformation?


The modernisation of IT infrastructure is picking up speed, but most companies still see a lot of room for improvement in their digital transformation. This is the conclusion of a recent study conducted by IDG Research Services in collaboration with SUSE. Even if in some cases the extent of implementation differs significantly, the companies surveyed from Germany, France and the UK agree on one point: the time to deploy cloud-native technologies is now.

Only a minority of companies in Europe’s three largest economies currently feel sufficiently well equipped for digital transformation. According to the IDG study, German companies are especially sceptical about their positioning for the future – both technologically and organisationally.

Companies in all three countries recognise that cloud-native technologies in particular have great potential to accelerate digital transformation. IT and business managers expect containers and Kubernetes to increase the availability of their business applications, shorten development cycles, improve scalability and speed up time-to-market.

Migration to cloud-native technologies does not tend to stumble due to budget. According to the decision-makers surveyed, greater hurdles are the existing infrastructure, a lack of expertise and a lack of specialists.

You can now download the entire IDG study free of charge. In it you will learn, among other things:

  • How IT managers from Germany, France and the UK are modernising their IT today
  • Which companies are currently focusing most intensely on cloud-native technologies
  • Where companies see the greatest need to catch up in terms of digital transformation
  • How Continental AG is using Kubernetes to pioneer smart manufacturing
  • Recommended actions for decision-makers

IDG’s Cloud Native study looks at the state of play for companies in Germany, France and the UK with at least 100 employees. The report is written from responses by 420 strategic (IT) decision-makers, including C-level and various central business departments, as well as IT executives.

You can download the complete study “Cloud Native 2022” here.

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