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Building Digital Trust: A Holistic Approach to Securing Your Business in the Cloud Native World


In our increasingly digital age, digital trust is the new gold standard. This trust isn’t something that’s just given—it’s earned, deliberately, through rigorous cybersecurity practices and robust data protection measures. As your business moves more of its operations into the cloud, the ability to build and maintain this digital trust becomes critical to your success.

At its core, digital trust is about the level of confidence your customers, partners and stakeholders have in your company’s digital operations. This trust is built on the belief that their data—both personal and business—will be handled with the utmost care, securely stored and used responsibly. It’s not just a promise; it’s a commitment that flows through every aspect of your business, from the core infrastructure right down to your customer-facing apps.

So, how do your customers really feel about you? Is their data safe with you? Are your digital operations secure? Is their information handled with respect and discretion? Can they really trust you?

At SUSE, we’re in the business of helping you answer these questions confidently. We help you protect critical data by staying ahead of potential threats, integrating security across all environments, and using automation to fill gaps—all while keeping the door open for innovation. Our ultimate goal is to nurture digital trust between you and your customers, strengthening it at every opportunity.

Navigating the delicate forces of digital trust, however, comes with its fair share of challenges:


  • Emerging Security Threats: Ever-evolving cybersecurity threats loom over our digital landscapes. Staying one step ahead is crucial, demanding a proactive strategy that includes threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous monitoring.


  • Incident Response and Recovery: Even with the best efforts, cybersecurity incidents happen. A robust incident response plan is your safety net, ensuring business continuity and maintaining digital trust when things go askew.


  • Budgeting for Security and the Security Talent Gap: Cybersecurity is a complex endeavor, and there’s not enough talent to go around. As companies grapple with balancing cybersecurity investments with other business priorities, affordable security solutions and third-party expertise become indispensable.


  • Security Integration: With today’s organizations operating across diverse environments, from core to cloud to edge, integrating security across the entire stack is crucial to protect sensitive data and maintain digital trust.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to regulations like GDPR and CCPA isn’t just about avoiding penalties—it’s a fundamental way to protect customer data and build a robust security posture that not only meets but exceeds these standards.


This disruptive business landscape requires a holistic approach to establishing, growing and maintaining digital trust. Here’s where SUSE’s suite of solutions comes into play. Here are just a few ways we provide integrated features that bolster digital trust:


  • SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) helps organizations run their critical applications as a secure, adaptable operating system.


  • Rancher provides a simple, comprehensive platform for organizations to securely manage their modern cloud native stack anywhere.


  • NeuVector, SUSE’s container security solution, offers advanced visibility, threat detection and mitigation capabilities and simplified compliance.


  • SLE BCI (SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images) enables businesses to build with a secure base for their containerized workloads.


  • SUSE Manager simplifies, automates and secures the management of mixed Linux environments.


Digital trust isn’t a one-time thing—it’s an ongoing commitment. With SUSE, you’re not just reacting to the digital world; you’re defining it.

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Ivo Totev   A 25-year veteran in the IT industry, Ivo Totev is the Chief Innovation Officer of SUSE. He is responsible for helping customers reimagine their businesses through clear, user-centric product roadmaps; as well as building brand equity and customer engagement focused on business outcomes via creative marketing strategies. Prior to SUSE, Ivo was President, LoB Marketing at SAP where he defined the marketing vision and execution for all of SAP’s lines of business, including ERP, Digital Supply Chain, Analytics and Platform Technology. Ivo was also the CMO and Head of Cloud Business at Software AG, as well as the CMO of Unit4. Ivo is an active coach and mentor who enjoys sharing his experience with his teams to help them professionally evolve. He is a passionate believer in the power of teamwork – having rowed in a coxed four in his student years, he recognizes one parallel in rowing and in life: that great achievements are accomplished by teams, less so by individuals. Outside of work, Ivo loves spending time with his wife and three children. He also enjoys the great outdoors and can frequently be found on his bike, on skis or in his running shoes.