Stacey Miller
By: Stacey Miller

September 21, 2022 4:07 pm


3 Reasons to Migrate to SUSE Manager 4.3

You’re running SUSE Manager 4.1 and you are perfectly content.  After all, you’ve got support for your multi distro environment, the ability to patch your systems automatically using Salt or Ansible and can access the amazing SUSE follow-the-sun, local language, technical support.  So why migrate to the latest release? This […]

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Jose Betancourt
By: Jose Betancourt

September 20, 2022 4:01 pm


SUSE – Delivering a Secure Nexus Point for Edge Computing, Powered by NVIDIA

Summary Earlier today, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced the IGX platform for edge AI computing. The new platform brings security and functional safety into sensitive areas of edge computing, such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, and retail. SUSE has the software-defined infrastructure components needed to remove complexity and scale the computing edge, and we […]

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Melissa Di Donato
By: Melissa Di Donato

July 25, 2022 8:58 am


Navigating the rapidly evolving world of retail

In today’s highly competitive post-Covid retail landscape, efficient operations which enable retailers to deliver the most competitive prices and enhance customer experience, have become essential to the sector. Retail organisations that can adapt quickly to market changes and enhance customer services, whilst reducing operating costs, are the companies that will grow and prosper - […]

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Patricia Gautry
By: Patricia Gautry

July 13, 2022 1:00 pm


Zizo partners with SUSE to harness the power of open source

Data and insights are critical assets for any company It can help assist in making data-driven decisions, which can in turn, act as a catalyst to accelerate the digital transformation journey. In a nutshell, we can say that data is the new lifeblood of any digital enterprise – but it is only valuable when it […]

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Imran Khan
By: Imran Khan

April 4, 2022 12:29 pm


LOTTE Department Store shapes outstanding services with faster business insights

“Compared to other Linux distributions, we discovered that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is by far the easiest to deploy and configure — and once deployed, the SUSE solution also wins out in terms of stability.” Seo Jun-hyeok, Technology Manager, Consulting Team, LDCC. To help keep operations running smoothly and deliver […]

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Paul Fox
By: Paul Fox

March 7, 2022 9:49 am


ElectronicPartner collaborates with SUSE to optimize cost and performance, whilst meeting customer needs

“SUSE Linux simply runs without any issues and keeps our business going from strength to strength.” Matthias Assmann, CIO, ElectronicPartner Handel SE. As one of Europe’s leading consumer electronics buying groups, ElectronicPartner Handel SE relies on efficiency, agility and smooth logistics to win and retain price-sensitive customers. Against the backdrop of the […]

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Vishal Ghariwala
By: Vishal Ghariwala

February 14, 2022 7:36 pm


Accelerating and scaling cloud-native transformation in 2022

To learn more about the Business Forum, download the Event Proceedings Report here. Every organisation in Asia Pacific will be approaching 2022 with a renewed sense of optimism. With a more positive outlook, executives will likely be looking for new opportunities to future proof their business. Cloud-native transformation certainly isn’t a new concept, but […]

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By: Dobrin

December 16, 2021 4:45 pm


Customer Best Practices Which Make the Trip to the Cloud Much Easier

At SUSE Rancher, we firmly believe in the power of many! This means that with everything we do, we consciously make customer choice and flexibility the center of our purpose. To give meaning to this, we interviewed a number of customers and spoke to them about their efforts to accelerate digital transformation and their cloud […]

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Paul Fox
By: Paul Fox

December 13, 2021 2:12 pm


Greenpanel optimizes supply chain and reduces manufacturing costs with SUSE

“With other enterprise Linux vendors, if you want high availabil­ity, you have to pay for multiple extra features. With SLES for SAP Applications, there’s just one high availability extension, and the web-based wizard makes it easy to set up a cluster.” Dr. Vineet Bansal, Chief Information Officer, Greenpanel. When Greenpanel separated […]

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