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Digital Provenance Product Chronicle Arrives in SUSE Rancher Marketplace

SUSE guest blog authored by: Csilla Zsigri, Chief Strategy Officer at BTP


Digital provenance is a force for good as it can bring trust and transparency to a wide range of markets. Although provenance is a term that is often associated with the art world, recording and sharing provenance information can generate significant value across industries. We at BTP have recognized the great potential of digital provenance and have built a domain-agnostic provenance product. Now, in collaboration with SUSE, Chronicle is available as an easy-to-install Chart in the Rancher App catalog.

Provenance — simply put — captures the origin and life journey, including the ownership history and location of a physical or digital asset – be it an artwork, a commodity, a medical implant, user data, or anything of value. By recording it on a blockchain or distributed ledger, provenance information becomes more trustworthy, and its management is more efficient.

Chronicle is a versatile provenance platform – backed by blockchain technology and available as an open-source solution – that makes it easy for organizations to immutably record, and efficiently and securely share and query provenance information about any asset, in any domain, and across multiple parties. By leveraging a distributed ledger to record provenance data, Chronicle serves as a valuable tool for determining which information can be trusted and how it can be effectively combined with other diverse sources of information. You can learn more about Chronicle, and why we made it open source, by reading this blog post.

Chronicle is 100% open source, and released under the Apache 2.0 license. s you’ll see, installing Chronicle on a Kubernetes cluster managed by Rancher or Rancher Prime is straightforward. The BTP team has put together a cookbook recipe to walk you through all the steps, so you can try this for yourself. Happy installing!


If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or want to provide feedback, please join the  Chronicle Works community on Slack!

Author: Csilla Zsigri

Csilla Zsigri

Csilla Zsigri is Chief Strategy Officer at BTP, a GBBC Ambassador and LF Europe Advisory Board member, and a regular blogger and speaker on the subject of blockchain and associated concepts and technologies. She created and curated the DLT Landscape, an open-source market segmentation initiative, which was contributed to the Hyperledger Foundation. Prior to joining BTP, Csilla was a technology industry analyst at market research and advisory firm 451 Research – part of S&P Global Market Intelligence – covering the enterprise blockchain space, among other emerging technology areas. Csilla also led market intelligence and business modeling work at a number of EU-funded research, development and innovation projects. Csilla is multilingual and holds an MSc in economics, and business and management consulting