Make high availability more affordable with this integrated suite of open source technologies

Flexible, Policy-Driven Clustering Solution

  • PacemakerA highly scalable cluster resource manager with a flexible policy engine that supports n-node clusters. More ›
  • Corosync and OpenAISClustering and distributed systems infrastructure components. More ›
  • Metro Area ClustersProvides failover across data center locations spanning up to 30KM. More ›
  • Geo ClusteringDelivers failover across unlimited distances. Available with an additional Geo Clustering for SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension subscription. More ›
  • Storage Based Quorum CoveragePrevents split brain scenarios. More ›
  • Multiple SBD—Reliable Storage-Based Fencing Eliminates single point of failure. More ›

Cluster Aware File System and Volume Management

  • Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2)A shared-disk, POSIX-compliant, generic cluster file system that enables the clustering of a wide range of applications for high availability. More ›
  • Clustered Logical Volume Manager 2 (cLVM2)Offers a more convenient, single, cluster-wide view of storage. More ›

Continuous Data Replication

  • Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD)A leading open source networked disk management tool, DRBD enables you to build single partitions from multiple disks that mirror each other and make data highly available. More ›
  • Node Recovery with ReaRReaR (Relax and Recover) enables the quick achievement of full operational status after node failure. More ›

Set-Up and Installation

  • Templates and WizardsEasily deploy standard cluster set-ups and standard workloads. More ›
  • Cluster JoinQuickly adds cluster nodes. More ›
  • Cluster BootstrapSimplifies installation of base cluster set-up. More ›

Management and Administration Tools

  • Unified Command Line InterfaceFor experienced IT managers to quickly and easily install, configure and manage their clustered Linux servers. More ›
  • Graphical User InterfaceProvides less experienced operators a simple, user-friendly tool for monitoring and administering their clustered environment. More ›
  • Web GUIProvides cross platform access to cluster status. More ›
  • Cluster Test DriveAllows users to test configuration and other changes prior to putting clusters into production. More ›
  • Cluster Configuration SyncKeeps configuration consistent across nodes using csync2.

Resource Agents

  • Open Source ApplicationsSUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension includes many resource agents for open source applications, such as Apache, IPv4, IPv6, DRBD, KVM, Xen and Postgres. More ›
  • Third Party ApplicationsThe solutions ships with resource agents for popular third party applications, such as IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2, VMware, and SAP. More ›
  • Clustered Samba (CTDB)Integrated with OCFS2, CTDB can be made highly available and scalable using multiple nodes and can transparently failover through cluster wide locking. CTDB resources are automatically added and synched to Active Directory.

Virtualization Aware

  • KVM and Xen SupportThe cluster resource manager in SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is able to recognize, monitor, and manage services running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with KVM or Xen. More ›
  • Third Party Hypervisor SupportThrough the use of SBD, services running on third party hypervisors, such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V can be made highly available and managed as if they were running on a physical server. More ›