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Partner Product Certifications

Certified Hardware

Find the full range of verified and supported Servers, Workstations, Components and Edge systems of our partners, all running with SUSE technologies.

Certified Software

See our Partner Software Catalog with products certified to work on SUSE and Rancher platforms.

Certified Solution Stacks

Discover our featured co-innovations by SUSE and partners arming organizations to overcome challenges and accelerate successes.

Cutting Edge Drivers

Check out the SUSE SolidDriver Program helping our partners with device drivers and/or other kernel code support.

Featured Certification Partners

Recent Software Certifications

DKube is an MLOps product based on Kubeflow and MLFlow. It is optimized for implementation on-prem or in the cloud.

Loft is an advanced control plane that runs on top of existing Kubernetes clusters to add multi-tenancy and self-service capabilities to these clusters.

Komodor takes the complexity out of K8s troubleshooting, providing the tools you need to troubleshoot with confidence.

Pixie is an open source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Use Pixie to view the high-level state of your cluster and also drill-down into more detailed views.

Recent Hardware Certifications

The Inspur NF3180A6 is a high-density and cost-effective rack server meeting the needs of Internet, cloud computing and enterprise market applications. It is ideal for many fields such as Internet, cloud computing, virtualization, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The R4950 G5 features lower power consumption, high reliability, strong flexible scalability, easy management, and fast deployment so your business will be empowered for a variety of enterprise applications and workloads.

The Power L1022 server is designed to improve scale performance and security while delivering class-leading reliability. The enhanced performance and scalabilty of this IBM Power10 family of systems can help deliver business agility by extending mission-critical workloads across a hybrid cloud with increased flexibility.

The GIGABYTE H262-NO1-00 delivers incredible 1P/2P performance from edge to data center with incredible gains in I/O throughput and workload demands that need high performing CPUs with large, yet optimized, memory configurations.