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Pixie 0.0.2501

Pixie is an open source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Use Pixie to view the high-level state of your cluster (service maps, cluster resources, application traffic) and also drill-down into more detailed views (pod state, flame graphs, individual full-body application requests).

Three features enable Pixie's magical developer experience:

Auto-telemetry: Pixie uses eBPF to automatically collect telemetry data such as full-body requests, resource and network metrics, application profiles, and more. See the full list of data sources here.

In-Cluster Edge Compute: Pixie collects, stores and queries all telemetry data locally in the cluster. Pixie uses less than 5% of cluster CPU, and in most cases less than 2%.

Scriptability: PxL, Pixie’s flexible Pythonic query language, can be used across Pixie’s UI, CLI, and client APIs.

  • Highlights
  • Platform Rancher
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification Ready
  • Platform SLE Micro
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification Ready