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SUSE certified & validated solutions allow you to confidently adopt a set of compatible and fit-for-purpose technologies that are ready to help power your innovation engine.

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SUSE One Partner Solutions

Erik Sterck GmbH FramES with Rancher achieve successful digital transformation with a “single button” approach to building and managing cloud native DevOps environments.

Speedscale for Rancher provides you with the tools you need to rapidly stress test your cloud native applications with real-world scenarios and gain confidence in your software releases. 

TrilioVault for Kubernetes with Rancher enable your cloud native landscape with application-centric data protection for backup and restore, disaster recovery, and application migration and mobility.

Kasten K10 by Veeam® empowers  enterprises with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup and restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of cloud native applications across their Rancher landscapes.

Unlock the Path to SQL Server Container Modernization with Rancher and DH2i

K3s and NATS: A technology stack developers love to use at the Edge

Enabling Multi-Tenancy at Scale with Clastix Kamaji and Rancher Prime by SUSE

Kubernetes-native object storage with MinIO for SUSE Rancher

Ondat and SUSE Rancher – run your stateful applications everywhere

NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller