Enabling Multi-Tenancy at Scale with Clastix Kamaji and Rancher Prime by SUSE


SUSE guest blog authored by:

Adriano Pezzuto, Founder and General Manager at Clastix


In today’s competitive business landscape, companies prioritize efficiency, streamlined operations, cost savings, and security. These are different goals but with a common strategic solution: multi-tenancy. 

This post introduces Rancher Prime by SUSE with CLASTIX Kamaji, a comprehensive multi-tenant solution that centralizes Kubernetes management, optimizes resource utilization through an innovative control plane deployment, and streamlines operations. This powerful solution effectively reduces cluster sprawl, overcomes inefficiencies, and unlocks cost savings in Kubernetes deployments, all while ensuring secure access and robust isolation. 

CLASTIX is a leader in Kubernetes multi-tenancy solutions. Our products and services help organizations to overcome cloud native adoption challenges and confidently design, build, and operate digital infrastructures based on Kubernetes.  

CLASTIX’s solutions help customers eliminate cluster sprawl issues by scaling Kubernetes and radically simplifying day-2 operations. In production deployments, the multi-tenancy capabilities offered by CLASTIX have demonstrated the ability to increase efficiency by more than 60%. 

Clastix Kamaji, published in the Rancher Apps catalog, enables the deployment and operation of Kubernetes at scale, reducing the operational burden. Kamaji is unique because the control plane runs as Kubernetes pods instead of a dedicated set of virtual machines. This solution makes running multiple control planes cheaper and easier to deploy and operate. 

Rancher Prime offers a complete enterprise container management platform for Kubernetes, allowing Kubernetes to be run anywhere from the cloud to edge to on-premises data centers. It complements Kamaji by centralizing authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) for all tenant clusters, enabling global admins to control cluster access from one location. 

Rancher Prime and Kamaji provide a seamless management experience for fleets of multiple clusters: once created by Kamaji, a cluster is automatically imported into Rancher Management Server for a centralized management, so the administrators can efficiently manage and monitor all clusters from a single interface.    

The solution ensures consistency across clusters, maintaining uniform configurations and deployments, streamlines operations, enhances scalability, and improves overall cluster management efficiency.  

With Rancher Prime and Kamaji, customers get access to a powerful platform to run a managed Kubernetes service at a scale that matches hyperscalers. 


Meet us at SUSECON 2023!

As a SUSE ecosystem partner, CLASTIX will showcase the Rancher Prime + Kamaji solution at SUSECON, the annual global conference for SUSE customers, partners, and community enthusiasts. Attendees can expect insightful blog articles, a comprehensive technical guide, and a video highlighting the benefits and features of the solution. CLASTIX will also host a live demo during SUSECON, providing real-world use cases and success stories. 

We look forward to seeing you at SUSECON 2023, taking place in Munich from June 20th-22nd. Register now to secure your spot and experience the full range of benefits that CLASTIX and SUSE have to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore innovative solutions, gain valuable insights, and connect with industry experts.  

Please contact the Clastix team to schedule an onsite meeting at SUSECON 2023. 


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Author: Adriano Pezzuto, Founder and General Manager at Clastix

Adriano started his career at leading global IT companies like Siemens and CISCO. It took him to work at large networks systems, later building scalable and highly available cloud infrastructures and then being accountable for helping customers to embrace Cloud Computing. His interest has always been in cutting edge technologies, being one of the first in his country to spread the Cloud Native revolution. Today, Adriano is turning his large experience into Clastix, as a visionary founding member and General Manager. 

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