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Cloud Native Data Protection for Your SUSE Agile Data Platform with TrilioVault for Kubernetes


In our agile data platform series, I have been focusing on data management technologies, such as MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server.  Today, I want to look at one of the features that a production-ready, agile data platform must have: data protection.


Data protection is essential, especially as you move from development to production.  Technologies fail, people make mistakes, disasters happen, and malicious actors disrupt.  Implementing effective data protection with the right tools is critical but can be a challenge in today’s hybrid- and multi-cloud IT landscapes.


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TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) with SUSE Rancher is a cloud native, data protection solution designed for the scale, performance, and mobility requirements of your modern IT landscape.  TVK with Rancher simplifies backup & recovery, disaster recovery, and application migration across your Kubernetes, multi-cloud environmentTVK is Rancher Ready certified and available in the Rancher Apps and Marketplace, making access to cloud native data protection easier than ever.


A few feature highlights are: 

  • App-centric protection
    Backup and recover the entire app, including data, metadata, Helm charts, operators, labels, namespaces, and other Kubernetes objects associated with the app.  Your app is protected and can be restored to any point in time.
  • Infrastructure agnostic
    Ensure data protection everywhere.  TVK with Rancher supports any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution and any public or private cloud, and it can use any container storage interface (CSI) target as well as NFS and S3.
  • Intuitive multi-cloud management console
    Enjoy simplified management with intuitive, click-driven workflows, application discovery, and monitoring across Kubernetes distributions, clouds, and storage infrastructures.
  • Robust restoration policies
    Leverage granular control over restores, helping you to configure and tune your multi-cloud environment.
  • Enterprise support
    Get the enterprise-grade support you need, when you need it. 


TVK with Rancher helps you satisfy your data protection requirements and improve resiliency, so you can safely move higher value, tier one applications from development to production and meet your service level agreements.  Experience simplified application migration and easily movbetween private and public clouds to achieve better TCO.  And leverage greater application mobility to streamline CI/CD pipelines and accelerate innovation.


Take full advantage of your agile data platform with cloud native data protection from Trilio and SUSE. 


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