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Accelerate Cloud Native DevOps with Erik Sterck FramES and SUSE Rancher


Erik Sterck and SUSE deliver a “single button” approach to cloud native DevOps environments, making it easier than ever to achieve successful digital transformation and accelerate toward your cloud native goals.


Erik Sterck FramES cloud native DevOps platform with SUSE Rancher


Kubernetes is the modern tool of choice for agile application development and operations, or DevOps.  But rolling out clusters, managing the application landscapes, and keeping the environment compliant can be daunting.

  • Just knowing how to get started is a huge barrier to cloud native modernization.
  • Implementation takes a lot of time and knowledge.
  • Doing it wrong can result in unexpected delays and costs.
  • And Day-2 operations present new and unfamiliar challenges. 


Erik Sterck FramES with SUSE Rancher is designed to help you get your cloud native DevOps environment up and running quickly and easily.  FramES is an automation framework that leverages innovative, market leading, open source technologies, like SUSE Rancher, to deliver a solution that maximizes agility and optimizes cost without sacrificing quality and supportability.  


FramES itself is container-based and is shipped as an appliance with an easy-to-use setup wizard that can be accessed through console or browser.  Broad hardware, hypervisor, and cloud platform support empowers you to choose the infrastructure that best meets your needs now with flexibility to adapt to changing needs in the future.  Robust automation simplifies Day-2 operations that “keep the lights on” and, with advanced functions like cluster cloning, you can easily build and maintain your cloud native landscape.


Erik Sterck GmbH received the 2021 SUSE Partner Innovation Award for co-innovations that address the real needs of our customers.

Erik Sterck - SUSE Partner Innovation Award 2021


Learn more about FramES and Erik Sterck GmbH at, and see how you can accelerate your cloud native transformation.


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