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The Digital Takeover


I was having a conversation last night with a group of my girlfriends, one of them talked about the fact that she’s a bit of a technophobe and her husband has told her to face facts that she really needs to get onboard with technology that we live in a digital age.  

It got me thinking it seems that technology is slowly infiltrating all aspects of our life. We have systems in our houses that enables us to remotely control our lighting, our central heating, some small device called Alexa answers our every question and also plays our music. We use a pocket based device to manage all our money – and let’s be honest how long will currency remain in our wallets when we have plastic and mobiles. All organisations will eventually be affected by the use of technology in their day to day lives. Even labour intensive sectors such as Farming, are seeing robotic systems such as robotic milkers are revolutionizing the milking process.

Consumer expectations are now based around an anytime-anywhere website and businesses are driven by increased efficiency as well as cost saving and need to drive innovation through their business.  This puts a huge amount of changes to the IT requirements. Digital transformation is putting massive pressure on businesses and to deliver on these expectations and remain competitive, IT must find ways to innovate in this era of rapid digital change—namely through optimizing the data center and supporting agile development processes.

According to 451 Research, “Enabling digital transformation in terms of agility, analytics, and customer-centricity requires a technological shift.” Many forward-thinking IT organizations are accomplishing this by utilizing software-defined infrastructure, providing faster access to resources, enabling development, test, and operations teams to adopt DevOps methodologies, and deliver new applications to market faster while improving application lifecycle management.

So where do you start?

Like everything it starts with information plus an audit of what options are available to you. How can you leverage your own infrastructure by perhaps reusing hardware but utilising software?

Can you investigate options like Software Defined storage to help store data and reduce costs?

Can you use a cloud first approach to how you utilise new business?

How can you experiment with Devops?

If you are looking for the answers to all these questions and how you can focus on the future perhaps you should consider attending one of our global expert days that talk about these key topics.   A one day free event that can help you be ready for the future.  Our team of experts will talk you through these topics and you can talk to our experts. Look out for an event coming near you.


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