Why Attend
What You'll Learn
Why Attend

Taking place in more than 80 cities worldwide, the SUSE Expert Days tour offers a day of technical discussions, presentations and demos featuring SUSE engineers and experts. The presentations focus on technology topics that are relevant and compelling to IT professionals, centered on this year’s theme: Open. Redefined.

Why attend?

  • Meet the SUSE Experts! Around all day and open to hear about your ideas
  • Invest one day in attending presentations and demos of SUSE’s latest and greatest innovations
  • Take part in technical discussions with your peers. Share your knowledge and contribute to the conversation
  • Expand your network across the open source community and build new relationships
What You'll Learn

There's More to "Open" than Just the Code

In today's business environment, every company is a digital company. IT infrastructure needs to not only keep pace but also move fast enough to accommodate business transformation initiatives related to Internet of Things or machine learning, to name a few.

During our Expert Days 2019 we show you how our "open, open source" approach helps our customers and partners to:

  • Transform IT infrastructure
  • Create a more agile business
  • Make room for innovation

During the Day You'll Learn How You Can

Transform your Business

Learn how to evolve today’s workloads with the latest open source technologies, while leveraging and optimizing infrastructure you already have.

Become More Agile

Learn how Software-defined storage and cloud solutions help you quickly respond to changing business needs.

Stay ahead through innovation

Learn how you can innovate using the latest open source software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions and leverage automation throughout the DevOps process, which improves IT agility, efficiency and speed to market.

Coming to a City Near You in 2019

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