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By: Ken Lee

June 4, 2024 6:51 pm


Why Use Linux for Servers in Enterprise Environments? A Deep Dive

Linux is a powerhouse in the technological landscape, particularly noted for its pivotal role in server management and enterprise IT infrastructure. This open-source operating system is highly valued for its stability, versatility, and security, making it a top choice for server environments across a variety of sectors. But what exactly is Linux used for? Predominantly, […]

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By: Juan Herrera Utande

April 29, 2024 10:28 pm


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By: Tom Callway

January 12, 2023 11:38 pm


SUSE Receives 15 Badges in the Winter G2 Report Across its Product Portfolio

        I’m pleased to share that G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, has recognized our solutions in its 2023 Winter Report. We received a total of 15 badges across our business units for Rancher, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), SLE Desktop and SLE […]

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By: sarsene

November 10, 2016 7:18 am


Introducing SUSE Containers as a Service Platform

SUSE Containers as a Service Platform is the solution that puts together SUSE Linux Enterprise MicroOS, the operating system optimized for running the next generation of applications with Linux containers, and the container orchestration solution for container cluster management based on Kubernetes. SLE MicroOS technology is a modern Linux Operating System, designed for containers and […]

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