Introducing SUSE Containers as a Service Platform


SUSE Containers as a Service Platform is the solution that puts together SUSE Linux Enterprise MicroOS, the operating system optimized for running the next generation of applications with Linux containers, and the container orchestration solution for container cluster management based on Kubernetes.

SLE MicroOS technology is a modern Linux Operating System, designed for containers and optimized for large deployments.

MicroOS inherits the SLE knowledge while redefining the operating system into a small, efficient and reliable distribution.

The first version is planned to be based on the recently announced SLES 12 SP2.

For building and maintaining container infrastructure, SUSE Containers as a Service Platform will provide benefits such as:

  • Transactional updates and rollback based on btrfs technology
  • Container images in docker format for fast deployment and ready to run application containers.
  • Container orchestration at scale through Kubernetes for creating large-scale business applications

SUSE Containers as a Service Platform will come with:

  •   Easy installation of the entire cluster
  •   Complete automatic installation and configuration of components using Salt technology.

SUSE Containers as a Service Platform empowers developers to run cloud native container applications and operational department  to quickly set up and administrate a cluster.

The product is schedule to have an early access program starting in March 2017.

Customers can today subscribe to for more information.

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