FX Houard
By: François-Xavier "FX" Houard

October 23, 2023 4:57 pm


SUSE Open Build Service now adopted by the Kubernetes to generate its official packages!

Kubernetes, the popular open-source container orchestration system, has recently announced that it is using the Open Build Service (OBS) platform to generate and publish its official packages to its new official repository: pkgs.k8s.io. This is a significant step for Kubernetes in its goal to rely on community-owned infrastructure for all critical components (that […]

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Avatar photo
By: Meike Chabowski

March 22, 2021 1:49 pm


Compiler in the News: Advanced Optimization and New Capabilities of GCC 10

My colleague Martin Jambor has joined forces with Jan Hubička, Martin Liška, Richard Biener, all experts from our SUSE Labs and toolchain development team as well, and Brent Hollingsworth from AMD, to write a new SUSE Best Practices document about the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 10. Now we are happy to […]

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