By: Daryl Stokes

September 13, 2017 11:12 am


Announcing the SUSE YES Certification Kit for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3

With the official release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3 (SLE 12 SP3), the SUSE Partner Engineering team also announces the availability of the YES Certification Kit version 7.7 for hardware systems. The System Certification Kit (SCK) v7.7 adds certification support for SLE 12 SP3 including XEN and KVM Virtualization and supports the […]

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By: Ann Davis

July 5, 2016 8:59 am


SUSE SolidDriver Program

The SUSE SolidDriver Program is a key SUSE offering… in fact, the SUSE Linux Enterprise roadmap presentation includes a “SolidDriver Program” slide.  But what exactly is the SolidDriver Program?  How does it benefit customers?  How do partners join it?  This SUSE Conversation will try to provide some high-level answers to […]

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