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SUSECON 2017 Day 2 Highlights


The second day of SUSECON 2017 kicked off with the ‘Dr T’ Show! Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE’s CTO (which this last year stood for Chief Travel officer!) talked about all the experiences of his travels visiting and meeting with both our customers and partners across the globe listening to their needs and understanding better the concrete reality they live in.

He and Michael Miller, talked about how SUSE is working to improve and modernize their existing Linux and open source technologies and how we have expanded our solutions even deeper into a more software defined infrastructure and application delivery approach.

He also talked about “Diversity” which has been defined as “the art of thinking differently…together.” And “the Mixed bag of mixed bag!”.  If you want to find out more about this then you need to watch this morning keynote session!

It also features guest presentations from KY Srinivasan, Director, Enterprise Open Source Group, Microsoft, talking about how Microsoft loved SUSE before loving Linux was cool – plus a sneak peak at future joint solutions and how our collaborative engineering efforts are trending towards to support Hybrid IT.

Then Kozo Otsuka, CTO Central Europe from Fujitsu who talked about how Customers are frustrated by their decision-making challenges and Fujitsu and SUSE are finding ways to offer choice, portability and deployment flexibility through CaaSP.  See more about our ongoing relationship with Fujitsu and our joint technology platforms.

Also we had a special surprise guest – Abby Kearns Executive Director at the Cloud Foundry Foundation who talked about why you need a cloud application platform and how Cloud Foundry can empower you to rise to the amazing challenges and opportunities you have, and what that can mean for you, your job, your company, and your career.  Dr T and Abby also talked about the announcement this week around SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

SUSE Sphere

We had some great sessions today and the roundup of these came from the Sphere – check out the videos below:

Also we had our usual fun party conference part – which celebrated our host city – Prague! We ate traditional food, drink and listened to local entertainment, and we also had the best band in the software world playing live!  Also don’t forget to check out the roundup from day 1 if you missed it as well as the News from the floor by one of our Brand Ambassadors Andrew Steggles

The SUSECON 2017 Team

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