Co-creating Smart Innovative Solutions

For over 2 decades, Fujitsu and SUSE have put to use the technology and track record we have cultivated over the years to support customers' mission-critical systems, utilizing open source technologies to co-create innovative, reliable and open solutions that can simplify complex enterprise IT management. Open source adds the innovation, economics, and agility needed for digital transformation.

How Fujitsu and SUSE Work Together

SUSE and Fujitsu pave the way for our customers to innovate, bringing all your IT systems together and keeping them active. Together, we’ll simplify your complex IT management landscape, modernize your capabilities and accelerate your success.


SAP Ecosystem Experts

Fujitsu and SUSE are experienced at driving value from your SAP investments and excel at simplifying data driven transformation. We deliver services and enhancements which enrich and modernize SAP systems and accelerate your success.


Solution Frameworks

Agility, speed, reliability and flexibility are required to meet the IT demands of today’s businesses. Modern solution frameworks answer the call. Fujitsu and SUSE simplify the complex, modernize IT ecosystems and accelerate your success.


Business Critical Workloads

When everything counts, you can count on Fujitsu and SUSE. For decades, Fujitsu and SUSE have delivered IT services, software and systems for the most demanding, value workloads of enterprises around the globe. We help customers make business happen.

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HILGARDT CLOETE | CEO | iSphere Technologies
" The partnership between SUSE and Fujitsu is very strategic, which means that the integration between all of the software components in our environment extends straight down through the stack. "

Co-created Solutions

By providing expert architecture, deployment and support services coupled with high-performance infrastructure, we modernize IT ecosystems empowering organizations to embrace advanced technologies—including AI, ML and Edge.