Partners in Innovation

For over two decades, Fujitsu and SUSE have put to use the technology and track record we have cultivated over the years. Through the combination of open source technologies with extensive expertise in crafting business solutions, our customers have been able to maximize uptime on mission-critical systems and deliver business innovation to market faster through the adoption of containers and Kubernetes.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Regardless of the challenge, we want to effect the best possible results for your business. You benefit from secure, open source technologies, supported by experts and consultants, who deliver sustainable transformation for your business for maximum impact in the following areas:


Modern Business Applications

Speed up business innovation by stepping up the pace and productivity of your SAP business applications. Put your trust in years of joint engineering development that produces the best possible results, along with extensive consultancy expertise and flexible deployment options that suit your business.


Cloud Native

Increase business agility by deploying your applications with Kubernetes through a container management platform trusted by the world’s leading organizations.


Test Drive AI

Make artificial intelligence technologies more accessible with direct access to the technology, consultancy and partnerships you need to validate and develop your theories and models around AI. You can trial the latest, purpose-built AI infrastructure, while controlling and using your own data for curation, ingestion and cleaning.

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Frank Bayer | Senior Architect for Operating Systems and Container Services IT System House | Bundesagentur für Arbeit
" Especially in the exceptional situation of the pandemic, it became apparent that we had made many correct decisions regarding our IT … we were able to ensure stable operations despite the enormous rush — and on the other hand, we were also able to respond quickly to new requirements. "

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