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SUSE Rancher removes roadblocks to transformation


C-suite leaders across all industries are under increasing pressure to transform and innovate. Yet the journey toward unlocking new agility and efficiency, while meeting new customer demands, is often hampered by technology and process roadblocks.


We know the short-term implications of transformation can be initially overwhelming for many technology teams. Stakeholders expect any transformation to quickly deliver value and minimise disruption.


However, DevOps teams are now tasked with attempting to unify their IT operations with Kubernetes, the widely-regarded new operating system for cloud-native development. With Gartner predicting that more than 75% of global organisations will run containerised applications in production this year, Kubernetes offers higher reliability on any infrastructure and enables DevOps teams to streamline processes.


While there are many benefits of leveraging Kubernetes and containers, users face a unique set of challenges:


  • Lack of real-time visibility over multiple Kubernetes clusters.
  • Inconsistent security policies that create enforcement and compliance risks.
  • Increased overheads for independently managing this growing ecosystem.


To combat these challenges and meet the ongoing demands set by internal stakeholders (and even shareholders), our customers and the community turn to SUSE’s Kubernetes management solution, SUSE Rancher.


Supercharging Ubisoft’s innovation and operational efficiency


A highly recognisable brand with countless moving parts, Ubisoft needed a way to power up its innovation and operational efficiency to continue to meet global growth ambitions. To boost innovation and drive management efficiencies, Ubisoft put SUSE Rancher at the heart of its central KaaS hub, Ubisoft Kubernetes Service (UKS).


Ubisoft utilises SUSE Rancher to give its internal teams the ability to create new services and applications for internal stakeholders and customers in real time. This enables them to:

  • Unlock 20% reduction in support ticket resolution time.
  • Reduce cluster deployment from days to minutes – an 80% reduction.
  • Tackle the challenge of growth head-on to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Driving agility and scale at DIMICO


Driving development agility at scale is DIMOCO’s top priority. As an industry leader, DIMOCO is at the cutting edge of mobile technology. One of its strategic transformation objectives is finding better ways to galvanise and support its legion of developers, while simplifying systems management processes.


Facilitating an incredible number of transactions – around 2 million every day – DIMOCO had a clear objective from the outset for how it would drive development agility at scale. This was a top priority for its engineering team, aiming to better support the growth ambitions of the business at large. With SUSE Rancher, the team was able to deliver:


  • 80% reduction in systems management time.
  • 75% reduction in systems maintenance and update time.
  • Clusters created in minutes and deployed with minimal human intervention.


Innovating for our customers is central to everything we do here at SUSE. SUSE Rancher is a pioneer in the container management space, and as more companies discover the need to integrate Kubernetes into their strategy, our customers know they can count on us to drive innovation across their business. If you’d like to learn how SUSE Rancher can better support your development teams to deliver faster and more efficiently, feel free to find out more here.


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As the chief operating officer for SUSE APAC, Aidan Brecknell is focused on enabling SUSE’s APAC team to deliver on the strategic vision of delivering innovative, reliable and secure open source solutions that allow its customers to Innovate Everywhere. With more than a decade of experience as a senior executive and strategic consultant across the enterprise technology sector, Aidan understands the complex challenges SUSE’s customers are facing and how SUSE can best assist them in their ongoing transformation.


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Aidan Brecknell As the Chief Operating Officer for SUSE APAC, I’m focused on enabling our team to deliver on the strategic vision for delivering cutting-edge Open Source solutions that allow our customers to Innovate Everywhere. With more than a decade of experience as a senior executive and strategic consultant across the enterprise technology sector, I bring my expertise from sectors such as supply chain, construction, and engineering to understand the complex challenges our customers are facing, and how we can be best positioned to assist in their ongoing transformation.