Greater Value For Your Investment

Maximize the performance of your Linux workloads and improve RAS capabilities for less than you think.

Companies choose x86-based systems because they are an industry standard and generally provide availability, scalability and reliability at a low cost. What many don't realize is that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM Power provides better performance, higher availability and more flexible scale options dollar-for-dollar than with x86 systems, as evidenced in this white paper.

SUSE and IBM have more than just a partnership; we work together on technical development, customer support and innovative offerings supporting green computing for the benefit of our mutual customers and business partners. SUSE and IBM have been providing solutions for over 20 years to give customers better value for their IT investment.

  • Little-endian—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 will usher in a new era on IBM POWER8. With the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, Linux will run in little-endian mode on the POWER8 architecture. Using little-endian mode will remove a portability barrier for software application vendors that started out on the x86 and x86-64 platforms. FAQ
  • Integrated systems management—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with a comprehensive set of time-saving installation, configuration, deployment and administration tools, all powered by the market’s fastest integrated package management subsystem, Zypper.
  • Virtualization—As part of the SUSE and IBM shared commitment to speed up the adoption of Linux across the enterprise, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Power provides virtualization technologies at no charge.
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