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SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Pack 6 Public Beta is now available


We are thrilled to announce the Public Beta of SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Pack 6!

After more than six months of development we’re ready to share the first public milestone of the new Service Pack.

This is a Refresh Service Pack, and thus there are quite some changes. For more details on the Refresh/Consolidation model used in the SLE products, please refer to this blog post.

Notable Changes


SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Pack 6 brings the Linux Kernel 6.4, with our patches on top. glibc has been upgraded to version 2.38, and OpenSSL 3.1 is now the default.


The virtualization stack also changed – SP6 now ships with Xen 4.18, QEMU 8.2 and libvirt 10.0.


GNOME 45 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Service Pack 6

The GNOME Desktop Environment got updated to version 45.

Known Issues

We will keep updating the SLE Public Beta webpage with known and resolved issues.

Call for feedback

We are eager and excited to retrieve your feedback on this new version of our beloved SUSE Linux Enterprise! As with any SUSE Public Beta Program, we have a public mailing list in place for technical and product discussion.

Please refer to the SLE Public Beta web page for more information on how to obtain the new build and registration keys.

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