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By: Joachim Werner

July 5, 2016 12:31 pm


Groups + States == Awesome!

In my last post I promised to write more about what I'm calling the Groups & States Pattern. We discovered it more or less by accident when we prepared for the SUSE keynote at SaltConf, as we tried to come up with a simple, yet powerful, demo of what you can do with plain […]

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By: Meike Chabowski

June 28, 2016 5:24 am


Genius Kids, German History and Dancing Geek(o)s: Social Program @ openSUSE Conference 2016

This is a guest blog written by Tanja Roth, Technical Writer at the SUSE Documentation Team. With 75 speakers from different open-source projects (like KDE, GNOME, ownCloud, Nextcloud, SaltStack) and more than 100 talks and workshops, the openSUSE Conference 2016 attracted about 300 attendees from multiple countries. However, the organized talks, workshops, and BoF sessions […]

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