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Calling all Presales & SA`s to visit SUSE at HPE Technology and Solutions Summit


Yes, we will be there again. This time in The Hague from March 19 to 23, 2018 and we can`t wait.

Every year we gladly meet with Presales Consultants and Solution Architects from both HPE and Partners to discuss how we are working with HPE to help customers capitalize on today’s digital transformation and the demand for hybrid IT and software-defined infrastructure. More details at

And this time around, complementing our 2 sponsored sessions, SUSE will be featured on at least another 4 HPE sessions/labs giving you multiple opportunities to connect with our SUSE Team. All you have asked for!

Come check us out on sessions below:

L71 – Installation SUSE Enterprise Storage Hands on Lab

Tue, 20 March | 16:30

  • Did you know? SUSE Enterprise Storage is HPE’s only certified, supported, and sold Ceph-based storage solution.


B300 – SUSE CaaS Platform and SUSE Cloud Application Platform

Wed, 21 March | 8:30


B509 – Revealing SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, designed for IT transformation

Wed, 21 March | 11:00


B169 – SUSE Enterprise Storage real world stories

Thu, 22 March | 8:30

  • Did you know? We have been working on PoCs at the HPE Grenoble lab and will share some lessons-learned with you.


B526 – Push the envelope on performance and scale with SUSE & HPE

Thu, 22 March | 12:00


B210 – HPE OpenStack strategy, products and roadmap

Thu, 22 March | 14:00

  • Did you know? We have been working really close with HPE on OpenStack offerings to customers. Stay tuned!


When at HPE`s TSS, go to the SUSE Booth and talk to us! The HPE preferred open source partner for Linux, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry solutions.

You will also, of course, get your plush chameleon if you are fast enough! 😉

Learn more about the event at and keep up with our Alliance News at


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