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Major Themes
Notable Changes
Planned Releases
Release Notes
Known Issues
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are there 3 ISOs available?
Error message when trying to download isos
Beta Test Subscription and Registration Code
Migrating from SLE 12 to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X
Upgrading from SLE 11 to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X
Updating from SLE 12 SP5 Beta X to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X+N
Updating from SLE 12 SP5 Beta X to SLE 15 SP1 GM
How to check the beta version of an installed system?
Will SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support a specific Intel microarchitecture ?
Private channel for sensitive data
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Welcome to the dedicated web page for the beta of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES®), SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED®) and SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability (SLEHA). They are all part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise products family, thus share a fair amount of code and have the same planned releases dates, from Beta to First Customer Shipment.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 5 Beta (SLE 12 SP5) is a consolidation Service Pack release

Major Themes
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 5 (SLE 12 SP5) is the last Service Pack of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLE 12) code stream.
  • This Service Pack 5 is a consolidation Service Pack release, which includes:
    • Delivery of all fixes and updates introduced since SLE 12 SP4,
    • Accelerate the release cadence for Service Packs from 16-18 month to 12 month,
    • Additional product migration paths from previous releases for more customer flexibility,
    • Selected features and new hardware support driven by partner and customer requirements.
  • No Desktop product for SLE 12 SP5:
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 12 End Of Life is on Dec 31st 2019, and thus we will not deliver SLED 12 SP5. Customers are kindly ask to use either SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 with the Workstation Extension or migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 SP1.
  • Kernel used for SLE 12 SP5 is the same as SLE 15 SP1,


Notable Changes
  • Notable updates of following drivers to the latest versions:
    • iavf (i40evf), igbvf, ixgbevf, igc, i40iw, i40e, fm10k, ixgbe, ice, e1000e, igb.
  • Newly added java-9-openjdk java-10-openjdk java-11-openjdk:
    • Dropping SUSE L3 support for IBM java. Followed by reworked support statement for OpenJDK in the Release Notes.
  • Support for Intel Optane Memory Mode:
    • related mcelog utility and EDAC jsc#SLE-4792.
  • Notable update of rdma-core to v22.3:
    • This is a BIG change as it pulled in a lot of new packages bsc#1137369 and bsc#996146.
  • New Intel Media Driver for Video Acceleration API jsc#SLE-4974:
    • Addition of intel-media-driver and Intel,
    • Relevant updates to Mesa, Mesa-drivers, gmmlib, intel-media-driver, intel-vaapi-driver, libdrm, libva, libva-gl, libva1, python-Mako,
    • Pending addition of libmfx package which will close the loop (Beta 2),
  • Mesa updated to latest version to support Comet lake jsc#SLE-4853,
  • Updated qclib to 1.4.0.

As always, we highly recommend to check our Release Notes and our changelogs files for a complete overview of the changes in this new version.


Planned Releases

Our plan is to release 4 Betas, 2 Release Candidates and one Gold Master Candidate from June 14th 2019 to 25th October 2019. We only provide releases Beta, RC and GMC, so we are excluding our internal Gold Master images for this beta program.


Scheduled releases:

  • Beta 1June 14, 2019
  • Beta 2July 12, 2019
  • Beta 3August 02, 2019
  • Beta 4 —  August 23, 2019
  • RC1September 13, 2019
  • RC2 —  October 04, 2019
  • GMCOctober 25, 2019
  • GMC2November 15, 2019
  • FCSEarly December 2019 (First Customer Shipment)



Please note that we reserve the right to change or adapt this schedule depending on various factors. Rest assured that we will communicate if there is any change to the plan.



SLES and SLE SDK is available on the following architectures: aarch64, ppc64le, s390x and x86_64.
A bootable image of SLES is available for Raspberry Pi.
SLES for SAP is available only on x86_64 and ppc64le.
SLEHPC is available for x86_64 and aarch64.
SLEWE is available only on x86_64.
SLE JeOS is available on: KVM, XEN, Hyper-V, VMware and OpenStack Cloud.
NEW SLES Vagrant Box x86_64 available for libvirt and Virtualbox.
NEW SLES Vagrant Box aarch64 available for libvirt.

SLEHA : ppc64le, s390x and x86_64.
SLEHA-GEO : s390x and x86_64.




Note: The following Documents are drafts.

And will remain as such through out the SLE Beta Program. Documentation for Beta Products do not yet have the quality, accuracy and content of our official documentation. However we will update these documents on the fly during the SLE Beta Program.

Release Notes



The following changelogs include changes from all architectures:

12SP4 – 12SP5 Beta 1:


12SP4 – 12SP5 Beta 2:


12SP4 – 12SP5 Beta 3:


12SP4 – 12SP5 Beta 4:


12SP4 – 12SP5 RC 1:


12SP4 – 12SP5 RC 2:


12SP4 – 12SP5 GMC:


12SP5 GMC – 12SP5 GMC2:


Known Issues

  • SLES
    • bsc#1153713 – dom0 gets rebooted kernel BUG.

    • bsc#1153983 –  On inducing manual panic results in double Panic and system hang

  • SLEHA:
    • bsc#1150704 – x3270 session takes very long time to turn pages of kernel stack trace and blocks system
      • s390x only
      • x3270 terminal takes a very long time to do page turns of stack trace log, during this time the system might be unresponsive
      • depending on your pacemaker configuration it might start to fence the node
      • we are working together with ou to resolve this issue
  • SLES for SAP:
    • bsc#1146298 – openQA test fails in sapconf
      • applying SAP profiles together with other tuned profiles in alphabetical order can lead to colliding rules
      • applying SAP profiles at the end of the stack does work without any issues
  • SLES for Public Clouds
    • bsc#1154905 – Softlockup in Azure


Warning: Beta Registration Code

Registration is not working with your regular SLE key, special Beta Registration Code is required. Thus, you don’t have access to the SLE online channels/repositories and Modules without a Beta Registration Code.
Please refer to the FAQ for more on how to request a Beta Registration Code.


Report Issues

Whenever you find a bug or have a question while using SUSE Linux Enterprise, we highly recommend that you use our mailing list first, then if it really make sense you should open a bug report.

Mailing List is our dedicated Mailing List to discuss SUSE Linux Enterprise Beta products. It is used by the SUSE Release Team to announce new beta images and technical information, as well as for general or technical questions, feedback, or defect reports related to SUSE Linux Enterprise Beta products from our beta testers base.Only subscribers can post to our mailing lists. To subscribe, please go to

Only subscribers can post to our mailing lists. To subscribe, please go to

Please refer to our Mailing Lists Guideline for more information.



Here are the links to the SLE Bugzilla product that you will use for reporting the defects of the following products:

Please refer to our complete Bugzilla guideline for more information and before creating your first bug report: how to use Bugzilla


Frequently Asked Questions
– Why are there 3 ISOs available per product?

We offer 3 DVD ISOs per Product, for instance with SLES we have:

  • SLE-12-SP5-Server-DVD-x86_64-Beta1-DVD1.iso = DVD1 contains the binaries
  • SLE-12-SP5-Server-DVD-x86_64-Beta1-DVD2.iso = DVD2 the sources
  • SLE-12-SP5-Server-DVD-x86_64-Beta1-DVD3.iso = DVD3 the debuginfo packages

For installation purposes you just need DVD 1 for your architecture. Please verify the sha256sum of the ISO using the SHA256SUMS file, which can also be found on the download page.


Note: Final Product and Debuginfo

We are providing the DVD3 (debuginfo packages) as DVD media for the SLE Beta Program, but the final product will not! However it will only be accessible as an Online Channel.


– Error message when trying to download isos

Please try again with a “Private Window” in your browser, if it works, this mean that you need to
clear your cache and cookies for and in your browser.

If it doesn’t work, sorry for the inconvenience, please report your issue to:


– Beta Subscription and Registration Code


Warning: Beta Registration Code

Registration is not working with your regular SLE key, special Beta Registration Code is required. Thus, you don’t have access to the SLE online channels/repositories and Modules without a Beta Registration Code.

The Beta Registration Code is the key to unlock the Beta Subscription in our SUSE Customer Center. The Beta Subscription consist of giving access to our SLE 12 SP5 Beta Online Channels.

We will not provide a beta product subscription or beta product registration code by default for the SLE 12 SP5 Beta Program. You might request one via, please specify if you want a registration code for SLES, SLED, SLEHA or for all of them and for which architectures.

Without a beta registration code for SLES 12 SP5 Beta, you won’t be able to access the online SLE 12 Modules.


– Migrating from SLE 12 to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X

This is the usual “Service Pack Migration” that can be done with YaST, zypper, AutoYaST or SUSE Manager. Of course you should always migrate to the latest Beta version.
For a complete and detailed Upgrade process, please refer to the following documentation in our Upgrade Guide:


– Upgrading from SLE 11 to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X

We have made the necessary changes to our SCC Online Channels setup for SLE 15 SP1 to allow beta testing the migration to SLE15 SP1.
Keep in mind that you can only upgrade from SLE 12 to SLE 15 via booting on a SLE 15 Installation Medium. Please refer to the Upgrade Guide for a complete and detailed Upgrade process.


– Updating from SLE 12 SP5 Beta X to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X+N

Even if it’s completely feasible and working, we do not recommend to update from “SLE 12 Service Pack 5 Beta X” to “SLE 12 Service Pack 5 Beta X+N” for your thorough beta testing.

Because this scenario is specific to beta and can not be compared to any SLE production update scenario. During the beta phase of our products, we need the flexibility of doing important changes to packages (libraries, configuration files, features, etc), like upgrading or downgrading to different versions.
Thus changes between SLE Beta might look very different from regular updates we make in official SLE Service Pack releases.

We highly recommend to test the following scenarios, whenever a new Beta version is released:

  • Fresh install of SLE 12 SP5 Beta X+N,
  • Migration from SLE 12 to SLE 12 SP5 Beta X+N.


– Updating from SLE 12 SP5 Beta X to SLE 12 SP5 GM


Warning: Migration from Beta to Gold Master

Migrating from SLE 12 SP5 Beta X to SLE 12 SP5 Gold Master (the final version of SLE 12 SP5) is NOT SUPPORTED. If you want to put the final version of our product in production, you need to do a fresh installation or a migration from an existing supported version. We will not support the migration from a beta product to a final release of the product.

As a reminder, our SUSE Beta EULA states that you should not put SUSE Beta Products in production.


– How to check the beta version of an installed system?
# grep betaversion /etc/products.d/*
/etc/products.d/baseproduct: <betaversion>BetaX<betaversion>
/etc/products.d/ <betaversion>BetaX<betaversion>
/etc/products.d/ <betaversion>BetaX<betaversion>
/etc/products.d/ <betaversion>BetaX</betaversion>


– Will SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support a specific Intel microarchitecture ?

Please read the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server–Support for Intel Server Platforms document.

– Private channel for sensitive data

In case you are a SUSE’s partners or customers and would like to share some sensitive data with us (data for bug reports, feedbacks, etc), please contact us at, and we will review your case and provide a private channel with us.

– Contact Beta Manager

Do you have a question or an issue to report on our Beta Program? Want to get in touch with our Product Managers or Engineering team? Or simply share a feedback? Please do not hesitate to contact us via!