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SUSECON 2023 – It’s all about choice



SUSECON. For those of us at SUSE, the name implies more than just a conference. It is an opportunity for the larger community of customers, partners, and enthusiasts to gather and discover new open-source solutions with SUSE and partner products as well as peek at some of the great work done with the open-source community.

This year, SUSECON provides attendees with physical and digital choices. Our on-premises event took place last week. As our CEO Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen reflected, SUSECON 2023 last week was “a chance for our open-source community to re-connect in the same physical space for the first time since 2019”.

And starting today, you can enjoy SUSECON Digital 2023. It’s free and it’s a great way to learn about what we’re doing at SUSE and to hear from our partners and open-source thought leaders.

Expanding the concept of choice – Our partner ecosystem:

I mentioned SUSECON delivery choices during the introduction. For a SUSECON attendee to have a choice, there must be options from which to choose.
The same could be said about the SUSE ecosystem. Customers choose to work with us for many reasons: Providing a wide range of options combining SUSE and partner products to create a solution meeting their requirements is likely a top consideration.
It’s in the context of the larger partner ecosystem that I want to highlight the activities of two key Silicon Design and four ISV technology partners that participated at SUSECON:

Intel® – Intel and SUSE have been partners for over thirty years. Our collaboration spans the entire SUSE product portfolio. This year, we have four sessions highlighting some of our collaboration:


Arm – The collaboration between Arm and SUSE is going through what I would call a growth phase. What started as a collaboration on SUSE Linux Enterprise has now expanded to address a larger portion of our product portfolio and across multiple routes to market (IHVs, and CSPs).   Our friends at Arm are presenting the following sessions:


SUSE also has a growing ISV ecosystem, and I would like to showcase four INNOVATE partners and their collaboration:

Traefik Labs – Traefik Labs is known for their Kubernetes ingress controller, but they also recently announced the Traefik Hub solution – A Kubernetes-native API Management solution for publishing, securing, and managing APIs, with support for multiple third-party ingress controllers. Traefik’s SUSECON Digital Session is:


Read more about how SUSE and Traefik Labs offer a compelling value proposition for organizations looking to streamline their API management and Kubernetes operations.


SynadiaSynadia invented the open source connective technology,  With NATS you can easily connect all your applications and data at a global scale, no matter what language they are written in or where they are running. (source: Synadia’s SUSECON Digital Session is:



Clastix – Clastix is a leader in Kubernetes multi-tenancy solutions. Clastix’s Kamaji solution turns a Kubernetes cluster into an admin cluster to orchestrate hundreds and thousands of clusters called tenant clusters, enabling a cost effective way of running control planes at scale. Kamaji is available for deployment via the built-in Rancher Apps catalog.Clastix’s SUSECON Digital Sessions is:


Read more about how SUSE and Clastix enable multi-tenancy at scale at fraction of the cost.


SEP – SEP is a long-term SUSE partner.  They provide a wide range of comprehensive, scalable data protection solutions and have been doing so since 1996.  SEP’s SUSECON Digital Session is:




The open-source community has always been about providing a choice to developers and end-users alike. SUSE, in collaboration with its partners, supports the growth of this ecosystem and empowers users with options as they build and deploy their solutions. It takes a community to deliver on the open-source promise and we’re glad to have these partners join us on our journey.

Call to action:

  • Register for SUSECON digital if you haven’t done so already. ( It’s free to everyone.
  • Choose from the different sessions on Linux, Kubernetes Management, and associated topics on deploying these products and/or solutions at scale.
  • Visit the SUSECON Ketchup videos on YouTube and gain a better description on what our partners are building, and how their products could help address your operational requirements.
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