Key Features

Unlimited scalability with a distributed storage cluster designed to scale to thousands of nodes and multi-hundred petabyte environments and beyond to meet your growing data requirements.

A single truly unified software-defined storage cluster that provides applications with object, block and file system storage providing ubiquitous and universal access to your legacy and modern applications and automated durability of your data with high availability and disaster recovery options.

Utilize commodity off-the-shelf hardware that is at minimum 30 percent less expensive than average capacity optimized solutions to drive significant CAPEX savings

Highly redundant storage infrastructure design maximizes application availability with no single points of failure.

Self-healing capabilities minimize storage administration involvement and optimize data placement, enabling rapid reconstruction of redundancy, maximizing system resiliency and availability.

Automated re-balancing and optimized data placement with an easy to manage intelligent solution that continuously monitors data utilization and infrastructure without any manual intervention and without growing IT staff.

Reference Architecture:


Included with the solution are the following supported protocols:

  • Legacy Protocols
    • iSCSI
    • NFS
    • CIFS/SMB
  • Native Protocols
    • RBD (Block)
    • RADOS (Object)
    • CephFS (With multiple active MDS Servers)
    • S3 & Swift

Partner reference architectures can be found here

Fast Track Your Software-Defined Infrastructure with SUSE Select Services

Fast Track Your Software-Defined Infrastructure with SUSE Select Services

SUSE Select Services is the perfect complement to SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage by providing a tailored blend of consulting, maintenance, support and knowledge transfer to ensure rapid return on investment.

Tech Specs

Minimum Cluster Configuration

  • Four Object Storage Nodes
    • 10 GB Ethernet (two networks bonded to multiple switches)
    • 32 OSDs per storage cluster
    • OSD journal can reside on OSD disk
    • Dedicated OS disk for each Object Storage Node
    • 1 GB of RAM per TB of raw OSD capacity for each Object Storage Node
    • 1.5 GHz per OSD for each Object Storage Node
    • Ceph Monitors, gateway and Metadata Servers can reside on Object Storage Nodes
      • Three Ceph Monitor nodes (requires SSD for dedicated OS drive)
      • Ceph Monitors, Object Gateways and Metadata Servers nodes require redundant deployment
      • iSCSI Gateways, Object Gateways and Metadata Servers require incremental 4 GB RAM and four cores
  • Separate management node with 4 GB RAM, four cores, 1 TB capacity

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Minimal recommendations per storage node:

  • 2 GB of RAM per Object Storage Device (OSD)
  • 1.5 GHz of a CPU core per OSD
  • Separate 10 GbE networks (public/client and backend)
  • OSD disks in JBOD configurations, or local RAID
  • OSD disks should be exclusively used by SUSE Enterprise Storage
  • Dedicated disk/SSD for the operating system, preferably in a RAID 1 configuration
  • Additional 4 GB of RAM if cache tiering is used

Minimal recommendations for monitor nodes:

  • 3 SUSE Enterprise Storage monitor nodes recommended
  • 2 GB of RAM per monitor node
  • SSD or fast HDD in a RAID 1 configuration
  • On installations with fewer than seven monitor nodes, these can be hosted on the system disk of the OSD nodes
  • Monitor nodes should be bare metal, not virtualized, for performance reasons
  • Mixing OSDs or monitor nodes with the actual workload is not supported
  • Configurations may vary from, and frequently exceed, these recommendations depending on individual sizing and performance needs
  • Bonded network interfaces for redundancy

Success Stories


  • Optimizes use of storage capacity, reducing the need for significant CAPEX investment
  • Increases performance and strengthens business continuity
  • Automates workload allocation, enabling IT staff to dedicate more time to value-add tasks


  • Removed barriers to storage scalability, supporting growing data and student numbers
  • Eliminated downtime associated with maintenance, raising user productivity
  • Freed up funds by reducing total cost of ownership for storage

Swinburne University of Technology

  • Offers a powerful, flexible storage platform to support cutting-edge scientific research
  • Delivers on-premises storage at approximately half the cost of an equivalent public cloud service
  • Extreme scalability makes it easy for Swinburne to keep pace with rising volumes of research data


  • Gained low-cost, enterprise-class mass-storage capabilities
  • Ensured non-disruptive scalability for mission-critical client environments
  • Reused existing commodity hardware to keep costs low

Orchard Park Police Department

  • Maintains network performance of 400-500 IOPS
  • Supports body cameras and critical surveillance tools
  • Provides the ability to retain video data for legal purposes
  • Experian
  • HKU
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • IRIS
  • Orchard Park Police Department

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