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An inside look into the HPE Linux/ProLiant Lab @ SUSECON Digital


Yes! SUSECON Digital is Live and you can register here (if you are not already registered).

We will be releasing new content for the next 4 weeks with a robust lineup of technical sessions (as always) that will be delivered by our SUSE Team and our partners.

HPE is a terabyte sponsor with two recorded sessions you can watch right now on week 1.


A look into the HPE Linux/ProLiant Lab

–>  Session SPO 1449 

Craig Lamparter will give you an inside look into the HPE Linux/ProLiant Lab touching on how Linux distributions are enabled on HPE ProLiant hardware.

From drivers to management software to firmware, HPE closely partners with SUSE to make sure SUSE-on-HPE is the best combination in the industry. In the session, he discusses supplemental drivers, firmware packaging/deployment, and open standard hardware management techniques like Redfish and HPE iLO.

HPE is pushing for industry-wide standards in this space so they’re interested in your ideas in this two-way session. Make sure you watch and participate!


An update on our long time partnership for SAP HANA

–>  Session SPO 1469

Marlies Ludwig and Joerg Schade jointly cover SAP HANA solutions from HPE and how they enable customers to run their workloads in a truly mission critical environment.

HPE and SUSE innovations offer the highest availability on-premise, any Premise and in SAP HANA-as-a-Service scenarios and you`ll hear first-hand about customer experience and use cases, as well as solution design considerations.

[New videos below]

To learn more right now, you can click below on our new testimonial video, animation video and solution brief. Enjoy!


A Winning Team

Your journey to SAP HANA

Empower your enterprise







What else is new with the SUSE/HPE Alliance?

SUSE is now a sponsor and partner within the HPE Customer Innovation Center, setting up various demonstration environments to be published in the HPE Demonstration Portal soon.

As these become available, SUSE and HPE can engage with customers for opportunities initially around SUSE Enterprise StorageSUSE CaaS Platform, and SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

Multiple tiers of content for the solution stacks will be made available, such as strategy and business overviews, example usage models of the provided functionality, and actual deployment of the solution components. Additional content is on the roadmap including solutions like SUSE Cloud Application Platform deployed on HPE Container Platform.

Learn more about our alliance at

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