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Simplify systems management, from installing and configuring servers to ensuring security and increasing uptime.

System administrators, breathe a sigh of relief. SUSE simplifies managing systems, ensuring security and reducing downtime

One big reason you run Linux is to use your mainframe resources most efficiently and lower the cost of system ownership. SUSE understands. SUSE dramatically simplifies managing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE by including a set of unique tools with every subscription.

Our tools reduce tedious, complicated and labor-intensive maintenance. As a result, you get more out of your investment, and your systems managers can focus on managing your mainframes to grow your business.

The following technologies and tools are included with every SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE subscription:

  • Common code base: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE is part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Common Code Base. This means the versions (and the source code) of all core packages of the SUSE Linux Enterprise product family are the same—from the desktop to the mainframe. Our internal Build Service, unique to SUSE Linux Enterprise, is the mechanism behind the Common Code Base, which automatically builds our product versions. As a result, the common code base guarantees consistency and integrity over all products. This lets you leverage the skills of your IT staff. It also provides the highest code quality, better supportability and preemptive code maintenance.
  • Superior package management with ZYpp: Managing package installations and dependencies can be an administrative nightmare. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes ZYpp, the fastest update stack available on any enterprise Linux distribution. SUSE has optimized ZYpp for performance and accuracy, and it is more feature-rich than tools such as YUM and Smart.
  • YaST, AutoYaST and WebYaST: YaST is a user-friendly environment for every aspect of installation, configuration and management of your system. With AutoYaST you can remotely and automatically configure a large number of systems that share a similar environment (similar—but not necessarily identical—hardware, and perform similar tasks). This is also valid if you have large-scale deployments with systems that are identical. WebYaST offers all the functionality of YaST to users via a Web browser.
  • Subscription Management Tool: This tool lets you centrally manage software updates within the firewall on a per-system basis. Now you can maintain corporate security policies and regulatory compliance while also tracking your entitlements across large deployments. By downloading all patches at once, the Subscription Management Tool helps reduce redundant use of bandwidth. While SUSE provides this Linux management tool with every subscription, other companies charge for it.
  • Starter System for z Systems: Do you need to run a Linux-on-z Systems pilot as a proof of concept? The Starter System from SUSE makes deployment easy by eliminating the need for a separate system to host the installation files. Additionally, this tool ensures you won't need network connectivity outside the mainframe to install your Linux servers. More ›

Besides the integrated management tools, we offer you additional products and solutions that you can employ for and with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE, helping you further reduce complexity and simplify management:

  • SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class capabilities that enable enterprises to comprehensively manage Linux servers with a single centralized solution. SUSE Manager provides automated and cost-effective software/update management, asset management, system provisioning, and monitoring capabilities. This enables customers to easily manage Linux server deployments across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. SUSE Manager can also manage Linux virtual machines on z Systems. More ›
  • SUSE Studio provides a new and simple way to create, maintain and deploy z Systems workloads or images by automating routine, labor-intensive tasks. You can automate the assembly of new z Systems images, normally a time consuming endeavor, which increases efficiencies and further reduces complexity and costs. SUSE Studio simplifies the creation, testing, and maintenance of images for z Systems and leverages the same easy-to-use interface for building mainframe workloads and images for x86 systems. More ›

Optimized for the mainframe like no other Linux OS

SUSE has worked with IBM on Linux for z Systems more closely than any other company. By collaborating with IBM engineering and our mutual customers, SUSE is at the forefront of introducing new features for z Systems into the mainstream Linux kernel. More >

Server virtualization so you add workloads, not hardware

By running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM z Systems mainframes, you can virtualize servers, creating several virtual machines that run on a single processor and handle multiple workloads in parallel. This lets you shrink your data-center footprint and simplifies maintenance for your IT staff. More >