SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring

SUSE OpenStack Cloud gives your business the agility and flexibility it needs to quickly respond to new IT demands and challenges and to drive down costs. But OpenStack deployments produce substantial amounts of complex monitoring and log data. How can you help your users and operators collect, store, and analyze all this data to make the most of your private cloud investment?

Based on the OpenStack Monasca project, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring is a fully-scalable enterprise-grade solution that makes it simple to monitor and manage your OpenStack cloud environments and workloads.

Key Features
  • Easily monitor and analyze the health and performance of the OpenStack infrastructure and user workloads.
  • Identify problems early, minimize time-to-fix and avoid downtime to deliver improved service levels.
  • Simply and automate cloud monitoring and management tasks to reduce costs.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is based on OpenStack, the leading open solution for private clouds.

System Requirements