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Enterprise-ready OpenStack Private Cloud

The enterprise OpenStack distribution built for today's data center

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With SUSE OpenStack Cloud, SUSE has taken the lead in making a standardized OpenStack distribution deployable in today's enterprise data centers. SUSE OpenStack Cloud makes it fast and easy to implement a highly available, mixed hypervisor private cloud infrastructure.

The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Administration Server provides an integrated and repeatable installation framework for rapidly deploying and easily managing an OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure. OpenStack can be challenging to set-up, but SUSE OpenStack Cloud removes this barrier by delivering a structured installation process that maintains the enterprise's flexibility to address their unique requirements. Working through an easy to use web-based interface, cloud administrators can efficiently deploy their private cloud and quickly add compute and storage capacity as demand increases. SUSE OpenStack Cloud's seamless set-up enables enterprises to realize the value of their investment in hours not weeks.

As part of the installation framework, SUSE OpenStack Cloud automates high availability configuration and deployment of critical cloud services and for KVM or Xen Linux compute nodes. The primary driver for many organizations choosing to deploy a private cloud is to enable on-demand access to the resources the business needs to respond to market opportunities. But business agility requires availability. The high availability capabilities of SUSE OpenStack Cloud reduces unplanned downtime of the cloud's services ensuring your business can continue to access cloud resources when they are needed. It does this by using high availability clustering to automate the recovery of the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Nodes, delivering uptime of the services and capabilities of the cloud. Using SUSE OpenStack Cloud, cloud administrators can deliver the enterprise SLAs necessary for a production-ready rollout of cloud services. By also providing high-availability for Linux compute nodes and the workloads running in the cloud, SUSE OpenStack Cloud makes it easier to support traditional or business-critical workloads that were not specifically designed for a cloud architecture.

Additionally, SUSE OpenStack Cloud enables enterprises to maintain their current investments while evolving their infrastructure to meet future needs. Multiple hypervisors have increasingly been deployed in data centers to optimize workload performance, while lowering licensing costs. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides support for the widest range of hypervisor environments, including KVM, Xen, VMware vSphere and IBM z Systems with z/VM. This helps protect existing IT investments, helping enterprises migrate existing virtualized workloads to the cloud or to modernize workloads when it makes the most business sense to do so.