SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Licensing and Pricing Policies

SUSE offers a wide range of server OS subscriptions to meet your specific needs. Basic, standard and priority subscriptions for different hardware configurations (up to 2 socket, 4 socket and 8 socket), different operating environments (physical and virtual), and different term lengths (1, 3 and 5 years) are available.

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Subscription Licensing and Pricing Policies

For machines with 32 or 64 bit x86 processors, only one subscription is required per physical machine, in order to receive maintenance updates (security fixes, patches and product enhancements). 2 socket, 4 socket and 8 socket versions correspond to the physical capacity of the server hardware on which SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is installed. For machines with Itanium or Power processors, one subscription is required for each physical CPU socket that is used per physical machine on which SUSE Linux Enterprise is installed. For IBM System z mainframes, one subscription is required per mainframe engine on which SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is installed.

Virtual Machine Guests

To encourage the adoption of SUSE Linux Enterprise in virtualized environments, we offer separate subscriptions for virtual use, and unique unrestricted pricing for its use as virtualization guests or hosts. One server subscription covers all of the virtual images running on a physical server. You can create as many virtual server images as you want, and get support for them, as long as you have a paid subscription for the physical server they are running on. So whether you use the Xen or KVM hypervisors that are included with SUSE Linux Enterprise, or use third party hypervisors like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer, no additional subscriptions are required for your virtual images.

Multi-core Processors

Multi-core processor technology—the placement of multiple processor cores in one physical socket—is an exciting development in the enterprise server market. Multi-core processors are essentially a performance upgrade to an existing single-core processor, and as such conform to our general licensing policies. SUSE considers a multi-core processor as a single processor for the licensing and maintenance of its Linux server operating system products.

Hyperthreading Processors

While some software applications may recognize hyperthreaded processors as two processing units, SUSE considers hyperthreaded processors as a single processor for the licensing and maintenance of its Linux server operating system products.

High Performance Computing Pricing

High performance computing (HPC) is often used in academic and scientific research, and is now experiencing greater adoption within enterprise data centers. SUSE offers special HPC pricing for dedicated workloads. Please contact your SUSE sales representative or your HPC Cluster hardware vendor for further information.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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