SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing

SLE HPC is a parallel computing platform for high performance data analytics workloads such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Built for easy adoption on low-cost Arm-based hardware to the largest supercomputers in the world.


Why SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC?

A highly scalable, high-performance open source operating system created for advanced modelling, simulation and advanced analytics applications.

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Easy HPC Adoption

We make it easy to adopt HPC by adding packages to the HPC module. This simplifies the deployment and management of HPC environments by providing a number of fully supported HPC packages to SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC customers.

Public/Hybrid Cloud

Available for public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and AWS - enables resource efficiencies and extreme scaling by offloading HPC processing to the cloud.

Multiple Architectures

SLE HPC and its tools module are provided for customers using x86-64 and Arm AArch64 hardware platforms.

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Top 4 Features

SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC provides tools, libraries and an easy to adopt platform for high performance data analytics workloads across on-premises and cloud environments.

Easier Management

Simplified management and monitoring of your parallel computing environment with an updated and supported set of popular HPC tools, including utilities for workload and cluster management.

Adaptable, Scalable and Flexible

Supports x86-64 and Arm-based HPC cluster environments and includes Slurm for high-demand workload management and scheduling.

Optimized for Hybrid Cloud

Increases resource efficiency and extreme scaling by enabling the offload of HPC processing to public and hybrid cloud, with updated SLE HPC images for both Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Partner eco-system

Accelerates innovation with a broad ecosystem of hardware and software partners, delivering cohesive HPC stacks for the latest supercomputers.

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