SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Big Data Deployments

SUSE Linux Enterprise is optimized for massively data-intensive workloads. In fact, SUSE delivers the highest-performing open source Linux operating system on the market today. The flexibility of SUSE Linux Enterprise enables you to tune it for performance gains in I/O, memory, and compute–intensive workloads. You can further optimize system performance with fine-grained controls for CPU, storage, and networking performance.

Key Features
  • Native POSIX Thread Library
  • Advanced multi–pathing & I/O capabilities
  • Live patching for increased service availability
  • Installation wizard fully automated installations
  • Page cache limit optimizes Linux paging behavior
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System Requirements

Take Control of Big Data

SUSE Linux Enterprise lets you harness the velocity and volume of Big Data. SUSE gives you the power and flexibility to scale current and emerging solutions, making it easier to find and analyze insights and patterns as they occur.

Accelerate Innovation

Put SUSE's active participation in the open source community to work for you. You'll enjoy the latest innovations and applications, along with SUSE's legendary ease of installation and award-winning support.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Over-complicated IT systems can bog your team down, costing you time and money. SUSE Linux Enterprise for Big Data simplifies your IT management to increase efficiency and allow your team to focus on advancement rather than maintenance.