SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM POWER

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM POWER is an enterprise-grade Linux distribution optimized for IBM POWER-based systems. It is designed to deliver increased reliability and provide a high-performance platform to meet increasing business demands and accelerate innovation.


Why SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM POWER?

Deploy mission-critical applications with high levels of security, reliability and performance. 95% of SAP HANA deployments on IBM POWER run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Increase Service Reliability

Configure shared resource pools to control CPU, memory and I/O resource allocations. Balance system resources and uptime through Live LPAR migration with support of SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability.

Deliver High Performance

Meet business demands for improved application performance and faster analytics insights. Experience reduced latency through wire-speed messaging to fast I/O storage systems, and features that support faster storage and I/O systems.

Reduce Deployment Times

Accelerate innovation and improve deployment times for a broad choice of partner solutions for IBM Power Systems from the SUSE Package Hub. Optimize lifecycle management with configuration, deployment and administration tools.

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Support Subscription Plans
SUSE offers a choice of Standard or Priority Support for production deployment of applications.

Top 4 Features
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM POWER

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER supports IBM POWER processor-based systems, OpenPOWER Abstraction Layer (OPAL) systems in Little Endian mode (ppc64le), and IBM PowerVM hypervisor for virtualization.

Increase reliability of mission-critical applications

Keep business services running with the ability to configure shared resource pools to control resource allocation of CPU, memory and I/O. Maximize utilization of hardware resources with memory error recovery and memory sharing ensure applications have sufficient capacity during unexpected spikes in demand. Eliminate outages for Linux kernel security updates (selected subscriptions).

Instantly access business data

Maximize IBM POWER (ppc64le) processor performance with support for Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT8) across the full range of IBM systems and OpenPOWER Abstraction Layer (OPAL) systems.

Increase system I/O performance

Reduce latency through wire-speed messaging to fast I/O storage systems with OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED). Enforce quality of service with SR-IOV IBM vNIC shared adapter support available with IBM PowerVM, reducing the CPU load and increasing system I/O performance.

Configure Power Systems server filesystems faster

Customize System Roles templates that are specific to the primary function of each server. These predefined installation pattern templates could be for a variety of configurations including database servers, virtualization host/guest configurations, or for installation options.

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